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. The names, levels, and statistics of the Boss Raid monsters are as follows:

Grand BalrogGrand Balrog (This monster has been taken out of the map of Juno)

: 30
Location: Juno
Hitpoints: 24,837
Attack type: Physical short-range,
Attack skills: ?
Other skills: Teleporting, Grand Trust (like Perfect Body)
Monsters spawned when near death: Elder Werewolf (level 27)
Grand Red DragonGrand Red Dragon

Level: 50
Location: Merac
Hitpoints: 85,046
Attack type: Short-range physical, magical
Attack skills: Bite (physical), Red Breath (magical)
Other skills: Teleporting, Grand Trust (like Perfect Body)
Monsters spawned when near death: Cerebrii (level 51)
Grand Devilroad KamiraGrand Devilroad Kamira

: 70
Location: Dratan
Hitpoints: 207,685
Attack type: Magical

Attack skills: Kamira Ball (magical), Kamira Meteors (magical)
Other skills: Teleporting, Grand Trust (like Perfect Body)
Monsters spawned when near death: Death Goddess (level 35)
Experience: 10,625,300
Grand Gold DragonGrand Gold Dragon

Level: 95
Location: Egeha
Hitpoints: 906,749
Attack type: Short-range physical, magical
Attack skills: Bite (physical), Gold Breath (magical)
Other skills: Teleporting
, Grand Trust (like Perfect Body)
Monsters spawned when near death: Cursed Weaver (level 88)

If you have ever run into one of these monsters, you will know that they are very big and very strong. Each of them has a lot of HP, uses long-range AoE attacks, and is extremely difficult to solo (kill alone). These monsters were implemented to encourage players to get into parties with each other and work together. It was also said, they were implemented to get rid of the gold miners too. As the gold miners are constantly killing in one place, the monster would appear and kill them if no one else was killing in that server.

The monsters are non-Aggro now. That is, they do not attack unless they are attacked. Too many complaints from players of the monster being aggro showing up and killing everyone. Actually, the developers should have put a 5 second delay before the Boss monster would attack, but instead I guess it was easier to make them non aggressive.

Being non-aggro now means they are easier to kill. But remember, with each patch, this may change. When they were changed from aggresive to non-aggressive this was not noted in patch. When they were aggro there was a little trick to send them back to others. I would be in a Demon Party in Eghea. There was one main spot where you could kill on both ends. When the GGD appeared, it was lucky in that it would appear far enough that you had time to escape. Anyway, we would kill on one end and time the 14 minutes. When the timer got down to 13 minutes we would stop, till the GGD disappeared hopefully to appear over another party. I would start the time again. At 13 minutes, we would stop. After 14 minutes and 15 seconds we would start again. Most of the time this worked. If there were no other parties in Eghea, then when we started to kill the GGD would appear now. But this was one "legal way" to give the others a nice present. lol

The Boss Raid monsters respawn 2-3 hours after being killed. If a Boss Raid monster is not touched (not attacked) for 14 minutes after arriving somewhere, it will teleport to a new spot. The Boss Raid monsters usually end up spawning either in the most active spot on the map or where the lowest level player is. This is because the Boss Raid monsters are coded to spawn where the latest kill was made. Low levels kill much faster and easier than high levels, so their chances of being spawned on are greater. Anyone who is doing a lot of killing in one spot has an increased chance of being spawned on.

The Grand Balrog has been deactivated in Juno and only spawns when a Game Master summons it. The reason for this is that having a Boss Raid in Juno would cause mid-high and high level players to hang out there and spawncamp it, resulting in more harassment for lower level players. This information was taken from this post.

The Boss Raid monsters are the only way to get unique ("rare") accessories. Here's a list of the different unique accessories that can be dropped by these Boss Raid monsters:

Crest of Rainbow
Physical Prowess: 12
Crest of Rainbow
Swiftness of Reflexes: 12
Power of the Mind: 12
Physical Fortitude: 6
Eyes of Spirit Eyes of Spirit
Long Range Physical Hit Rate: 168
Close Range Evasion: 78
: 44
MP: 44

Tears of Knight Tears of Knight
Physical Prowess: 12
Close Range Physical Attack: 16
Close Range Physical Hit Rate: 168
Rage of Demon Rage of Demon
Power of the Mind: 12
Magical Attack: 18
MP: 100

Chain of Tiger Chain of Tiger
Physical Prowess: 16
Close Range Physical Attack: 8
Eye of Wise Men Eye of Wise Men
Power of the Mind: 16
MP: 100

Stone of Shadow Stone of Shadow
Swiftness of Reflexes: 12
Close Range Evasion: 112
Long Range Evasion: 93
Origin of Land Origin of Land
Physical Fortitude: 6
All Types of Physical Defense: 12
HP: 100

Pierce of Wind Pierce of Wind
Swiftness of Reflexes: 16
Close Range Evasion: 78
Stone of Life Stone of Life
Physical Fortitude: 16
HP: 100

When you kill a Boss Raid monster, it drops many things. Among these many things can be Heaven Stones, Tool Aids, Drake Eggs/Pan Flutes, various magical accessories, Medals of Honor, and possibly a unique accessory. If you get a unique accessory and pick it up, it will have a name but no stats. The Identifying seals page explains how to make the stats of unique accessories appear.

Also, the Unique Accessory also called a Rare, will have a yellow name to it so they are easy to spot. It is possible also to kill the Boss Raid Monster and not get one drop, that means no gold or accessories.

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