Beginner's Guide to LevelingThis is a featured page

by 5fingers Revising this guide from 3/13/2013 to 3/21/2013

It recently came to my attention that people always asking what to level on and what to sp on. This here will be a continuous work in motion.
I will give you the insights and tips of making xp, sp, and of course making some cash on the side, while you are at it.

Example, when you ever get Heaven Stones and Tool Aids, it is best not to sell them. The Tool Aids you need to get Herbs faster. Then the
Heaven Stones you might need down the road to upgrade equipment now.

Things like this are good to know way before so you can start saving up certain items. Anyway, I will be constantly coming back and fourth and
reediting stuff, as I remember what to do. Plus I have to do a little research so as not to lead you astray now. Just a friendly reminder NOT to give out your
password and name to anyone. There are scammers who do this. If it is a REAL GM (Staff from the LC Game) they can access your account to give you
stuff as you will find out.

Just a side note for Sep 2011, sp farm at the L12 sasquatch, they are now double sp then in Temple. But read anyway to understand priniciples of sp farming.
Now for all you people who listen to others and not me that is your option. Basically, in here you make a pet trainer first to say level 23 to start off
with pet leveling. Then you make a main character. With the playing experience you gained with making a pet trainer, making your main character
should be a little easier.

Make sure that if you are playing on Sundays, to go to the Sunday quiz normally at Domain Merchant at 130 PM PST or California Time. Go to HOMEPAGE and click the Calendar there. Seems quizes on wednesdays now at 145 PM , PST or California Time.
Read the LC forums on this. But once you get in the Domain Merchant and the quiz starts, just follow the crowd for the correct answers now.

Short Note Review to Leveling: This is constantly be edited due to changes now. So I will not try to renumber items.
1. Try to get a pet from eggs or flute as soon as you can. Getting a pet early, you can have it pick up gold and armor on the ground for you. You can sell the armor to any
NPC or one of the merchants (NPC - Non Playing Character).

2. Get a guardian by L19. If you can make L20 in 10 days, you get 2 - Level 21 weapons +15. You can sell one of them too after you have changed to a higher weapon. Use the weapon with highest attack. Then with a guardian at L50 you get a free +10 set of armor and weapons. NOTE: with the L50x +10 set, you can now skip a few armor levels also. Probably look for L70x set. Remember at Level 65 you can wear the L70 gloves.

3. Learn to SP farm on servers, S5 and S6 as they have Elizabeth who can give you a buff. With the buff at the first level, and you are LOCKED, you get like 200% sp and
100% xp.

4. Try to get in a guild to get a XP lock as soon as possible. XP lock is 50%. .

5. At Level 31, you get FREE L30-32 +10 armor and 2 - Level 33 +10 weapons. But if you have the Event weapons they should have more attack.
A;sp. at level 31, you will be able to change into one of the two classes or your class . Example. if you are a knight, then at Level 31, you go to your class master and you will be tiven the choce ofeither bgeing a Royal Knight or a Temple Knight. You need to ask or study as to which one you want to be.

6. There is a quest to get Moonstones to buy fox traps. DO NOT do this. Not worth it.

7. You do not need armor, till you are level 10. Learn how to smelt weapons and use these smelting stones to get armor and weapon to +3. You can wear armor 5 levels up. Smelt and upgrade armor to +3.
NOTE: Archmage and exrogue start off with Level 1 armor that has like Level 50 armor Defense now. So no need of archmage or exrogue to buy armor till level 60 or more. At level 50 if you have a guardian you get a Level 50 weapons and armor set, all +10/

8. Learn to use NPC Juno Scroll. Buy Scroll of memorization and Scroll of Recall. Use NPC scroll to teleport to Noel, where you can mine herbsl.

9. See Lorraine about Treasure event. You see her too after you get the egg or flute to get the pet. She then gives you quest to see Jajan in Dratan.

10. Learn who Collector Ryl is. The NPC is able to change armor and weapons from one class to another.

11. Read the STRATEGY GUIDE.

12. Click the "Affinity Guide" in directory. Read on who to see and what to do to get affinity points to get those strange titles. Some titles actually give you a little help on stats.

13. Make your first toon a LEARNING toon. After you get it to say Level 20, then put all the stuff in storekeeper and start with a new toon. Make sure to get the new toon in a
Level 6+ guild to get an experience lock. Remember, at Level 10 to sp farm on the Level 12 Sasquatch at Hunter Dranore. I tell people, make a knight a learning toon. You can
use him for your pet trainer.

14. Archmage and Ex-rogue were L1 armor with L50 armor defense. So suggest to get level 5 weapons, smelt them and upgrade the armor to +3. Armor is nontradeable now. That is you can not sell or trade it.

15. Part of game is leveling and shopping/selling. You have to STOP sometimes to sell stuff to buy the XPB or SPB you might need.

16. Remember, to go to Free AP. On the LC homepage, put arrown on the ap icon at the top of the window. Then another window appears and you see Earn Free AP. Earn Free AP, and you can buy 1ap PBI which you can use up to L90. Example, the 1 ap PBI L61-90, you can use those PBI while at those levels. After Level 90, you have to pay full price for them or buy them from the sellers now.

this is just basics but lots more to learn. Read below, for example, on how to get pet to pick up items for you and further explanations now.

This section covers;

A. The Interface
C. Level 1-10 is fairly easy
(and getting a Guardian)
C (1) Getting a Guardian to get 2 - level 21+15 event weapons
D. Treasure Chest

E. Class Master
F. Equipping Armor/Weapons
G. PK Mode
H. Getting a Horse or Dragon Pet
I. Leveling your Character

J. Demon Parties

K. Getting in a Solo Party
N. Level 10 and Merchant Mode

Trader Agent Roy and Trader Agent Siban
P. STORAGE of items
Q. Upgrading your weapons and Armor
R. Transmuter
S. SP Farming in the Temples

U. LEVEL 29 SP FARMING ( dated 1Nov2008)
V. Evasion Armor and what you need to know.
W. Buying AP for the first time

This is intended for the first time players. The format changed in Nov 08. So this is only a brief guide on what to see.

NOOB = New Be, New player
Egeha or Eggy = land accessed by the teleporter. It costs 800,000 gold to get there.
Collector Ryl = NPC player and located at the North Gate Intersection. At level 31, you go there to change other class weapon to the class you want. Example, change a level 45 sorcerer weapon to a level 45 knight weapons , duals or single.


On the bottom left is a bunch of icons. The far left one is the icon for your stats and stuff. Press each one to give you an idea what each does. Here you see your stat, sp, xp, and other important numbers
In time you will be able to understand what they all do. For the beginner, just worry about your sp and stat points. When you move your pointer over the icon, "News." That is the only one that still has no function.

You use the sp to get your general, passive, and special skills. You go to the Master of your class, e.g. Master Rogue or other Master, to see what general and passive skills you can learn there. Remember you always max the passive skills when you can. The general skills do not all have to be learned.I would suggest maxing your dungeon skill if you plan to go in the Personal dungeon in Randol. When you get bored it is fun to go to the Personal Dungeon by yourself.

When you click on the bottom left icon, you will get the the character info window. This has the list of all your stats now.

Character InfoSKILL POINT is 71 here. This is the total of sp you have to use to get any skills you want.
The rest of the window you can explore to see what they do.

Notice the 4 tabs on the left. Click them to find out what they do.

The 2d once down gives you, your skills window. You can see the general and passive
skills that you have learned. From here also, you can drag a skill icon to your combat bar
at the far right. Then put it in a f key spot you want.

3d one down, is the Action/Social window. Here is where you can get in Merchant Mode, and
if you want to trade with someone, the exchange icon is here. Again, Explore the rest.

The 4th tab is the Party window. You go here and on the top of the window is Party and
Guild. Anyway, in the party window is where you go to join a party, leave, or form a party.
Go to "Party Auto Matching", then click any parties available on the list. If nothing, then you can either register "equal party" is best or go see if any members are registered and try to party with them. TIP: Click on your character picture at the top right and click auto-party matching to get here faster.

Note: To the right above physical Offense, you see 01 and 02. Click 02 to show you the magical attributes. This way if you are a mage you would use this to check your stats out.

Now the Combat bar or Quick Slot Bar (located at the bottom right). There are 3 slots of 12 boxes each. One you use the number system 1,2, thru 12 to activate. The other bar you use the f1 to f12 to activate. And the other bar you use Ctrl 1 to Ctrl 12 to activate. It will take you trial and error to see which ones you need and like to use.

Example, what you can do is put a pet icon there with herb. This way you can equip your pet or take it off fast as well as feed it. You can also put some of your skills that you may use a lot in one of the boxes.
Now when you first start off, the bar has a lot of stuff on them. You can just slide them off the bar. You will see later on, that you do not need them.

Press the letter J. Now to the left if you scroll down, you can slide the (Pet) item pick up, in one of the boxes. So when you are fighting, you can
press the box or its number and your pet will pick up any drops nearby. This way you do not have to waste time to pick up items yourself. I suggest to
everyone to get in the habit of picking up ALL drops. In the long run you can make a lot of gold, either picking it up and also selling any armor or weapons
to the NPC characters.

NOTE: One important key, is the icon with the question mark (?). This also has the explanations of lot of the rules of the game. But once you are a seasoned,
experienced player you will have learned all of this. But for now make sure you read those also, in case I might have missed something.


I had thought about it, and if you are reading this then go to the section on making a pet trainer. I changed strategy now. I think it is better to make a pet trainer first.
The reason is that when you are sleeping or AFK (Away From Keyboard) you can train a horse. Then by making a pet trainer, you can get the experience of playing.
So say you make a pet trainer up to level 26 like me then stop. Then you can start on your main character. Remember, you can make up to 8 characters and they all
share the SAME storekeeper. So your pet trainer can deposit all his gold and stuff for you to use now. You will spend more time in the Temples in a solo party as the
xp points are greater then hunting monsters on the outside. With the pet trainer you are LEVELING it, and not worried about sp now. The pet trainer guide tells you which
few skills you need.

Once the pet trainer is set you are good to go. You can start training a pet right away. Most people wait a couple of months to figure out how to make a pet trainer. But in 2 months you could have a level 37 horse. You would transfer the horse to your main character and he would then make this his horse mount. Then you can go back to pet training again. lol Of course, read on how to feed pets too.

The reason to get the pet trainer AHEAD of the main is so you can start pet training early. If you have say a level 20 pet, the defensive skills for your level 20 character will help tremendously. Leveling your pet is slow while you yourself are leveling your character. But with the pet trainer, you can slowly level your pet at night. Once you get the concept of why it is better to have a level 20 pet versus a level 10 you will understand. Then when you get the pet to say level 20 get a TRUSTED friend to trade pets for you. Your main gets the level 20 pet and the pet trainer gets the pet your main had. It would take a really long time to level to level 37, but at level 20 your pet can help a WHOLE LOT in the defense or offensive pet skill now. That extra help, means you level faster.

C. Level 1-10 is fairly easy

NOTE: Click the "Affinity Guide" in directory. This was taken from the other LC site. From here you can start off and learn how to get those weird title names like everyone has. Some of them you can get extra stat points from them to help you in leveling. Besides, fun to do. Go to the site and learn what to do. Each zone has a NPC that you can talk to. Basically, you have to buy his friendship. Then you turn in certain items to him for affinity points. When you kill a mob you get affinity points too. When you get enough points, you get a neat name. Some points are based on monsters you kill or certain items that drop that you must turn in. Read and learn what to do.

When you create your character, you are given the following 3 free items;

5 Platinum Blessed Iris Using the PBI, you get 3 times the experience for one hour. Do not use the PBI till you are thru sp farming now. NOTICE: Look at the level limit that you can use it. After that certain level you can no longer use it.
5 Platinum Super Skill PotionUsing the PSSP, you get 3 times the sp for one hour. Use these when you are sp farming on the Sasquatches now. When the Sasquatch name is WHITE, is the best time to use the PSSP. NOTICE: Look at the level limit that you can use it. After that certain no longer use it
5 Resurrection ScrollsThis Resurrection Scroll when you use it, makes sure that NO XP or SP is lost. I suggest to use the Resurrection Scroll when you are through SP farming. Make sure to use best BEFORE the level limit. Again, you must read.
1 Mercenary Card
When u get this do not use it right away. Use it at L33 when you are leveling. You can use the extra help then

NOTE: The experience lock has been changed from 100% to 50% now as of Jul 09. So if you see anything listed as 100%, I have not updated it yet. Anyway, the strategy
has changed now. I suggest to join a level 6+ guild to get an "XP lock" as soon as possible This way you can slowly level, getting sp and LEARNING how to play the game.
If you start a new character you may say heck with this, level from 17 - 25 to sp farm. What level you sp farm is up to you. Some swear by level 17 and others by other
levels. I did another character and sp farmed at level 25 as this was the biggest mob to kill. Of course i had a +15 weapon with potions so I could kill as fast as I could. But in the end, sp farming
at the L12 sasquatch was the best thing. You have an xp lock, made sure to get Elizabeth's buff at servers 5 or 6, then use the PSSP

What the xp lock does, is that you get 50% of the experience points but full Skill points. The thing is you want to level slowly while getting the Maximum skill points. It is VERY hard to get skill points
at the higher levels now. This game is not to level fast at least for the first 60 levels now.

Anyway, if you are a new player, I suggest to join a level 6 guild on up to get your xp locked. Make sure that you are in an equal party to get the max sp from each mob
you kill now. At about L8 go to Velpist Temple to level/sp farm there. Then about L10 find the sasquatch patch by Hunter Dranore. This is the only place where the sassies are
in one spot that you can kill without running all over the place. Then use your PSSP there and your sp will really pile up.

NOTE: Now that you can get the Level 21 +15 Event Weapons, the sp farming level I suggest is now Level 27. I mention various times to get a secondary character the
same class as your main. He will get a guardian by level 19, then level to level 20 withing 10 days to get the event weapon, Then level to level 31 to get the Free L30-32 +10
armor. Then he quits leveling, deposits Event weapons, gold, and armor, into the Storekeeper. Then your Main, can equip the Event weapon at Level 17, and get to level 27
and be able to equip all the +10 armor. Reason it is level 27, because when you go in the Prokion Temple, there are Mobs on the 2d floor that you can sp farm on.
NOTE: At level 27 the event weapon is higher attack then the L31 weapon you get for free.

Like I said, before you have to adjust with the new changes. Remember, some people swear by sp farming at Level 17, which may have been true at one time, but the +15 Event weapon changed all that. Remember, at Level 28, you will get bigger drops then at the Level 17 mobs now. So keep this in mind, in case I overlook changing some things now.

One thing I noted. With the Buff from Elizabeth there is no need to really do quests. In the good, old days you did the quests because they had high xp and there were no +15 weapons around. At Level 17 with +3 and +4 armor, I was able to kill high level mobs, like the foxes outside of Dratan. If you think about it, you go do a quest and get low xp now. The same time you can actually kill mobs inside the temple with 4 times the xp. So the time you spent TRYING to complete a quest, you probably could go to the Temple in either Juno or Dratan and get 10 times the xp. At level 17, I was able to kill foxes for 8% now, EACH, which is a lot more then the quests were giving me. But here is another thing to look at. Some quests give you like 300 sp. These I need to put here. These quests by the Thil, the last of the Treants is one such case. Like at the Rewards for the quest and see if you need it or not.

You must do the quests to get extra xp and gold. Press W to get the map, then put your pointer over the town and click. You will get the town map. Now you look for any
Blue Q on the map. The personal dungeon will have a blue Q until you reach level 66 at which time, you are ineligible to go in the personal dungeon anymore.

Anyway, DO YOUR QUESTS, as they give you skills and EXTRA gold. That is why you do them with your first toon as a pet trainer. Plus you learn how to play the game somewhat now.
Do not sell your Tool Aids or Heaven stones. Put them in the storekeeper now.

Then sometimes you may need money for whatever. Sell a HS but go to the server that is full of people in merchant mode and then shop around and see what the selling price is for HS.. People sell Heaven Stones too cheap as they do not know the worth or someone cheats them. If you are not familiar with an item,then go to the 5th server and check to see what you can sell it for. NOTE: On Sunday and Wednesday, there is a quiz at the Domain Merchant. On a Sunday, it is possible to win 15 Heaven Stones, 10 tool aids, and 10 moon stones. Then on Wednesday, you can repeat again.

This is just a basics of going from level 1 - 10. The game has changed where you NEED to sp farm. Every time you kill a monster you get experience points (xp) and skill experience points (sp). You want to be in an equal party at all times now whenever leveling. Now if you go to the Velpist Temple in Randol, you get more xp and sp then
killing outside. And of course, everyone wants to try to level faster too. When you start to sp farm there is one thing you can do.

There is a quest to get a guardian. If you will be playing a lot, then you can get him then. I tell people to wait till you hit Level 19 at the latest to do this quest. Once you get a guardian you have 10 days to reach Level 20. Once you reach Level 20, then the two types of Event weapons will appear in your Inventory. Suggest to use the weapon with the higher attack now.

Note: Get a guardian when you are level 1-19. Upon reaching Level 20 within 10 days, you now get a +15, Level 21 event weapon, as of Sep 2010.
This is also a quest too, to get a guardian.
Level 30 is the last level to get a guardian. Because if you have a guardian and reach Level 50, you get free weapons and armor again, but they are only +10

Rogue Weapon comparisons of event weapon and the L33+10 weapon. Check out the Level 21 and Level 29 weapons below. You notice that the Event weapon has the attack of a Level 29 weapon. So at +15 it is better attack then the L31+10, you get for free when you change class now.

Level 21 Crossbow +15Base Attack: 80+15 Attack: 140Bonus attack power: +75TOTAL ATTACK: 295
Level 21 Crossbow +0Base Attack: 60

Level 29 Crossbow +0Base Attack: 80

Level 33 Crossbow +10Base Attack:: 90+10 Attack: 71No bonusTOTAL ATTACK: 161
Note: if you equip the L21 crossbow and the L33 crossbow, you notice the attack is greater still with the Level 21 event weapon

So you can see the Major difference and why you NEED to get a guardian. Also, you can get a guardian past L10, but must get him by Level 19. When you hit levels 20,30, and L40 you are supposed to get some kind of buff. (Once you hit Level 50 the guardian gets a guardian coin. He can click this to get Reputation points and then after so many Rep points, he can get a free Extreme Stone.

Now if you DO NOT get a guardian, then you will have to do it the HARD way. You get weapons to get for smelts and then upgrade your weapon to +3 or buy one preferably if you have the gold. There are two ways to go. FIRST you will sp farm at level 17 killing ghouls in the Prokion Temple in Dratan. You will have to join a level 6 or above guild to lock your sp. Then you are set. Second, level a secondary toon to level 31 to get the free +10 armor and weapons. Put them in storage then level your main to L25 to use the items and to start sp farming. But again, you will find it worth your while to get a guardian, cuz this way you can kill with impunity with the event weapon. Then at Level 50 with a guardian you get the FREE L50x set with weapons +10.

Ooops, forgot. If you get power leveled to 17, then get your xp locked right away. Then you will have to go and do certain skills to get the quests. These quests are the ones for mining, cutting herbs, and so on. You need these skills. Once you have done them then go start sp farming. Read the sections on sp farming now.

When you get the gold, be sure to always have a scroll of memorization and scroll of recall with you. For example, when you get to the entrance of the Velpist Temple, you might want to save the spot. Then when you ever log on, you can teleport to the spot from town and not have to make the long journey there. The scroll of recall willget you to town from wherever you are. This scroll of recall is useful, especially when you get in a Temple and are lost. Just use the Scroll and you will be recalled back to town now or inside the Dungeon at the start point. This is changing too much for me to say which. After you have gotten your NPC Juno Scroll, you can use this to recall to ANY npc in town or outside.

Note, that around level 6, depending on your armor and weapon plus, you can go to the Velpist Temple and kill Level 10 Wandering Zombies. As always, do this in a solo party mode. You get more xp and sp from killing the Zombies, then you would killing any monsters outside the Temple. You should have your xp locked as soon as possible and in equal party. The Prokion Temple starts with the Level 17 mummies now. Killing the zombie in the Velpist Temple when you and the monster are at the same level, Level 10, you will get 3300 sp. But at about level 5 or 6 you can start early now killing the level 10 zombies. Then again, at level 10, go to Hunter Dranore to sp farm on the Sasquatch grouped there. They have nearly double sp now. Again, use your pssp when sp farming on the sasquatch with Elizabeth's buff and xp locked.

Do your quests then back to the Temple. Yes, if it is a pet trainer you are making, you still need the quests to cut leaves and mine. You have to be able to feed your pet now. But for NEWBIES, do all the quests. Then with experience you can know which ones are not worth doing. You see some offer xp and gold. But with the 5500 sp and highxp you get in the prokion temple, some quests are not worth it, in my opinion now. But then when you get bored those quests are there for you to do. If you made the pet trainer like I said You can do quests and learn the game and not WORRY about sp farming now.

If you attempt to go to the Prokion Temple in Dratan by yourself, I find that going out the East gate is way safer then trying to go to the Temple in the North Gate Route. Have haste and health potions ready to use. Make sure you have the Memorization scrolls and if know someone , like me, with recall, they can to to the Prokion Temple and recall you there easy. Then make sure to put the spot in your memory scroll also. But you can also buy the NPC Dratan Scroll , which you can buy at the Merchant in Juno or in Dratan, to teleport now.

Once you get to the Prokion Temple site, then the FIRST thing you do is to put it in your memory scroll. Do this if you do not buy the NPC Dratan Scroll. Reminder again: Get Elizabeth's buff now. Only on servers 5 and 6 now.

The trick of sp farming now is that you will need pen and paper to write the skills and sp you need. Say you decide to sp farm at level 17. Then write down the skills and
sp you need now, these are the general and special skills. Every time you kill a level 17 mob, you can figure out the sp and xp you get. Reason you need to know this,
so say at 90.00%, you have the exact sp you need for 3 skills. You go to your master in dratan, get the skills so you have 0 sp. Then take off ALL armor and accessories
and pet off of you. You will have to go outside and get killed till you reach 0% on the experience level. I find going to Juno, teleport to Teleporter Elveen and go inside the mine there is the fastest way to die. Mobs there kill you in one smack.

Then you start all over again. Kill mob, collect sp, get skills, kill yourself to O% xp and repeat, LOL. You have to constantly get the skills and go back and kill yourself.
You should be able to figure out the % for each skill now. Now you could get one skill at a time then go to your class master, get the skill so you have 0 sp, then go
sp farm again, but that would take too long. You must figure out the sp for the skills needed versus the xp%.

So sp farm and figure out the sp you need. You will have to repeat this over and over. Then when you do finally level,
drop the xp lock so you can level now. Again, this game is not all leveling. You need to save sp restoration scrolls now also. This way, when you do finish sp farming,
then you will have sp restoration scrolls handy. So if you die, you will not lose sp. Xp you can get back easy, but sp is harder to get back. I suggest if you get some time
to also get the crafting skills which you will never use. So at a higher level, if you ever get the gold or AP, you can get a reset card and get all your SP back. What the card does, basically
is to accumulate ALL your sp. So you would not have no skills. This way you just get the skills you need.

Just a reminder. Save all those Level 12 magic defense scrolls that you get. I saved mine by accident as I am a pack rat. But again, game has changed where you will now level on other "easier" mobs now.

Every time you kill a monster you get Experience Points or xp AND Skill Points, sp. When you are in a solo party and the monster is the same level as you, then you get
the maximum xp and sp. When you kill the monster starting from the level below you, the xp and sp drop down. Try not to kill blue named monsters as they are a waste
of your time and give the minimal xp and sp. NOte that your pet will not level if you kill blue named monster now.

NOTE: Game has changed again. Kill mobs at your level and a few levels above you. Now it is possible to get HIGHER xp with mobs above you now. Yea, the changes are too much for me to find now, which mobs are good xp now. But go to Mob list and at least you can see what levels of mobs are above you. The only time you really kill outside is about L32 give or take, Then you need to kill outside mobs. I was a L49 Temple Knight and went and killed in the Tomb. 4 zombies to level with pbi and xpb for each kill. Again, depends on your armor and what you have on you now. But the L100 zombie is easier to kill then the mobs in the Eghea Tower which are lower levels now. Go figure. But I went with a guildie to level him at the L100 zombies. With a +28 weapon at Level 49 he was not doing much damage. Yes, the two prior patches said they raised the XP up for the mobs. Guess they forgot to mention they raised up the Mobs defense too.-----------------------------------

C Getting a Guardian to get a 2 - level +15 event weapons

You need to get a Guardian by the time you are Level 19. Then you have 10 days to reach Level 20, at which time, 2 - Level 21 Event Weapons will appear in your inventory. The 2 weapons are for each class of your character.
Example, if you are a knight, then you would get one set of duals and a single sword. I generally, tell people to use the weapon with the higher offense as armor does not make too much of a difference by those levels.

Now these event weapons have a higher attack then the regular Level 21 weapons, the same as the L29 weapons. At Level 31, when you make your class change, again, you get 2 - Level 33 weapons +10, but as you can
see from the example below, your event weapons is still more superior by far.

With a guardian, at Level 50 you will get a +10 armor set and weapons. But at Level 31, everyone gets the free armor set and also this is when you can make your class change too.
At Level 50, you get two Level 49 +10 weapons. These are tradeable. Then you get Armor Level 49-51. The armor is non-tradeable. So if you upgrade the armor you can not sell it.

Example of the L33+10 Crossbow versus L21 Event Crossbow
Name and Level
Total Attack
L21 + 15 (Event)
Attack 80 +140
Bonus 220
L33 +10
Attack 90 +71

When you get a guardian, there is no "Mandatory" rules that he has to help you. Some will and some won't.

Make sure you go to the STRATEGY GUIDE and read the sections on sp farming so you know what to do.

The following is in no special order.


When you go to Lorraine (located South on Map), and click on her. You will click event, then click Treasure Event. Go to your inventory
and on the RIGHT side are two tabs and click the bottom tab. You should see a treasure chest there and put your pointer over it and click and it tells you what level you can
open it. The first treasure you get is when you are level 10. So go to Lorraine or Estella, and press event , then Treasure Chest event and you get a window telling you that you can randomly get
1 of the 3 items listed. You may get, gold, weapons, or candy. I got lucky and got the gold. Remember, do not sell any drops, except the level 1-10 weapons or armor to
the NPC. I have seen newbies selling heaven stones for 20k because they did not know what they were. They thought they were like the stones you mine. I do tell
newbies to sell it for the going price of 600k at the time. Now a few years later, they sell for 2-4 million in Sarissa.Two things I suggest not to sell - Heaven Stones and Tool Aids.
Now you may need money and should sell 1 or 2 hs now, but a level 1 - 30 player has no need of +10 weapons or armor. Personally, when you reach level 35 is when you start having a
need to get armor past +3 now. Now it is a little easier since they started the Automatic Gold Pick up.

Remember scammers are looking for new players to swindle. One person in Juno one day, named Pilipino, asked me in my level 10 character if I had any HS. I told him
I had 5. I was lying of course. He said that if i gave them to him he would give me 1 mill gold. I said I would sell. Then he changed his mind and said 900k. I told him that
he said 1 mill or no deal. He, of course, said 1 mill. I told him I would have to go to the storekeeper and get them and he said he would wait by the spot where we met.
HS were selling for 2 million then. I never came back and went to another spot. He did not know that I was an experienced player. But scammers will try to cheat you out of
your items and pets. So beware at all times, if someone is "too nice" to you and want to make you a good deal because they like you. lol Sure.

Treasure Chest Level 10When you get to level 10, go see Lorraine. Click Treasure Chest and this is the first window that you will get. The item received is random now. If you wait till you are a higher level you can "save" your treasures now. If you go to your inventory,and click on the top tab to the left which says event, you will see a treasure chest there. By putting your pointer on it,or clicking it (I forgot) you will see what the next level treasure chest is for you to open it. Now if you get the candy, you can sell these now. Just look around and see what everyone is selling them for. In other words, don't sell them toocheap now. If you get the +4 weapon you may want to save it. Should you start the same class character, he will be ableto use this weapon at level 9. Or when you get to level 31, you should be able to go Collector Ryl, located just on the house East of the North Gate intersection. You can always change the weapon to a different class now.

NOTE: Try to save your candy. The reason is two fold. First it is a healing potion. Second, you can use it along with the Large, Medium, or small Healing potions now at the same time. If you use a small healing potion and then press to use the Medium Potion then the medium potion will take over and the small one disappear. You can go up but now down and only one of them will appear, But if you have candy, they can also be used together so in a way, you have double healing potions going on.
NOTE: You can buy Platinum HP an MP potions, Medium and Small, in Vladimir. It is a new zone in Merac and you must be L110 to be able to get in there or have a friend recall you there. Check them out.

treasure chest b

Every time you kill a monster you get Experience Points or xp AND Skill Points, sp. When you are in a solo party and the monster is the same level as you, is when you get the maximum xp and sp. When you kill the monster starting from
the level below you, the xp and sp drop down. Try not to kill blue named monsters as they are a waste of your time and give the minimal xp and sp. Also note, that killing blue monsters, will not level your pet any either.


Now get the town map and locate your Master, e.g. Master Knight, Master Mage, Master Titan, Master Sorcerer, Master Healer. Click on your Master, to see what General and Special skills you can get. The special skills or passive skills
are skills that you should max as soon as you can. These skills are passive in that they give you skills like extra mana points, faster regeneration of hit points, and so on. The general skills are skills you can opt to have and to use. Every
class has the dungeon skill, which i suggest to max. Reason is, when you get bored go to the personal dungeon in Randol.

There may be skills that you may need "power.' This is strength. You go to Creon and take a point away from one of your other attributes then put the stat point on strength. Later on, you can always change the stats for your character here at Creon.

F. EQUIPPING ARMOR/WEAPONS Remember, you can equip weapons 4 levels up and armor 5 levels up. If you try to equip weapons or armor that is too high,
they will say for example "You will have a 50% penalty." Now DO NOT get fooled when your stats reflect that your defense is up now. The penalty is invisible.
Don"t believe me!!! Attack a monster with regular armor then put on armor that is way above you a now. You will see the difference.

Up to L69 with weapons and L72 with armor, you can go to Collector Ryl to change any class armor to your own. If you changed a L49 Rogue Crossbow +13 with 3 bloodseals to duals, you would get a L49 duals +13 with NO bloodseals.

Then from L73 with weapons and L75 with armor, you have to be the SAME level to equip that item. Before if you had a L49 weapon, you had to be Level 45 to equip it. Now, if you have say a L85 weapon, you have to be the same level as the
weapon or the armor you are trying to equip.

Collector Ryl who can change the weapon's class and Armor class from one class to another class.

If you are a knight and have a sorcerer +5 weapon, you can go to Collector Ryl to change the weapon to a knight weapon +5 with no blood seals now. Only a character who is level 31 on up can use Collector Ryl. Collector Ryl can only change weapons/armor level 29 on up. Armor limit is level 73 and weapon limit is Level 69.

The lower limit change if you forget is that items may be changed if they have a reproduction manual is one way to do it. Remember, when changing class of weapons or amor, that the blood seals are lost, but the + of the weapons remains the same.

So you can not change your level 17+12 scepter to a Level 17 +12 knight duals. I tried on lower class weapon and could not do it myself. The lowest level to change a weapon is Level 29. Be careful now. Each class has two weapons for each class. You have to be familiar as to which weapon will change to what. . Make sure you scroll down to get other weapons also. The knight duals,
for example, are listed but you have to scroll down. And there is a hefty price to pay now in gold. But sometimes worth it if you can get the weapon at a cheap price.

The price to change a level 57 weapon was around 220k gold. I bought a cheap level 69 sorcerer +15 weapon for 400 k gold, changed it to Rogue daggers and sold it for 1 bill gold. Rogue weapons are soooo overpriced, but it sold. Many people are not aware of Collector Ryl, except you, if you are reading this.

FYI, i used +3 weapons and armor till I got to the Prokion Temple now. So know how to transmute and get your stuff to +3. Weapons give you two smelting stones and armor gives you one smelting stone. Remember, the item you put the smelts on, must have the same level or higher smelt to upgrade now.


Yes, folks, the PK is changing back and fourth. This last change is hopefully back again, to the way it was. Now there is no need of PKing a Red Name player as blue names are "automatically" given to each player after so many points.

NOTE: If someone tries to PK you, let them. You will not LOSE xp or sp now, unless you have your pk on. No one can kill you till you are level 11 or above. You can not turn PK on till level 16. If someone tries to PK you, then their character will display the skull and crossbones. Yes, anyone can PK for no reason at all. But if they are same level as you or higher and you kill a red name person, you can get a blue name now. You need 10 GOOD POINTS to get a blue name. So after you kill 2 red names then your name will turn blue. Should you get a red name for what ever reason, it is best to kill in the personal dungeons in a PvP server now to slowly work off the evil points. Evil points have to be worked off in a PvP server. You could just sit in town in a PvP server also and slowly work the EVIL POINTS off. When you get 9 evil points your name turns white, finally. Too many evil points and you start to suffer penalties in attack and defense. Say a level 50 knight can kill a level 40 character anytime he wants. If the Level 50 knight were to have the max red points, he would get his booty whipped and then some, by the same level 40 character. There is no information to be found to tell you what the penalties are or how much evil you need to get the penalties. But everyone agrees that they are there. It is just that no one knows how much MINUS you have.

What you can also do, is if you have a restoration scroll or resurrection scroll, use it to be in the spot you were killed. Then what i do is immediately, click the scroll again. If you are in a temple for example you will be teleported to the start. With the scroll, you resurrect on the spot. I carry 200 xp restoration scrolls for occasions such as this. You see that way the person can get Evil Points galore. LOL Then when you resurrect, the cross and skull is still on the person, and no need to use the pk mode. So if you attack them and get killed, you still DO NOT LOSE xp or sp. Remember, to keep the PK off. Then if it is in the open and not too far from town, let the person kill you till they get tired of you.

Remember I use the xp or sp restoration scrolls so I can resurrect on the spot. When they kill me in the Tomb, it would be too much of a hassle to run all the way down to the commanders again. I just use a restoration scroll and revive on the spot. Also, if he kills me before i can use the scroll, it does not matter, as I do not lose any xp or sp points.

If you get a red name and someone kills you, a piece of armor or weapon may get sealed. Then you have to go to the Archbishop and pay up the nose to get your sealed item back. You also lose xp and sp too. What you do is to have a resurrection scroll on and then have someone kill you with all your armor and weapons unequipped. Make sure to CHARGE them as if they are the same level or above, they will get a blue name. Don't get killed for free now, lol. But no matter as anyone can get a blue name automatically.

If you have a red name, remember the above now. Put on a Resurrection Scroll, take off ALL armor and weapons, so when the person kills you, you will not lose xp or sp or get any item sealed. Then again, SELL your red name to someone who will kill you, but PAYING you, lol, so they can get a blue name now. But again remember, everyone gets a FREE blue name by just killing mobs and soon the name will change to blue.

NOTE: Now it is easy to get a blue name. You will get it automatically just by killing mobs. So irregardless, you WILL get a blue name eventually, whether you like it or not.

GETTING A HORSE OR DRAGON PET - When you get a panflute (horse) or an egg (dragon) a flashing bar to the bottom right of your screen will appear. Simple saying to go to Lorraine to get the horse or dragon quest. I suggest to get the horse as a pet now if you have not made a pet trainer. As a pet, a horse or drake, there is no difference. But when you try to sell them, that is the difference now. When you get to high level you will have the horse mount (Knightmare) as the mount, because of the 10/10 horse buffs. The dragon to me is a novelty. Yes, you see dragons pulling mobs and killing them with their dragon breath. But while the dragon is doing this, the character is also getting hit by ALL of the mob too. So he is constantly taking heal pots now. I learned this the hard way. But live and learn.

Now what I eventually did, was to sell my pet horse then turned around and bought a same level 33 drake and had about 8 mill left over. Remember the dragon and horse pets are the same to have , except to sell them. I just happen to like the drake (dragon) as a pet, rather then a horse.

I. Leveling your Character

NOTE: 15Sep2011 SP farm at Level 12 at the Sasquatch and you can get 10.500 sp now. So you will now SP farm at the Sasquatches as the nearly double sp is better. So as the game changes, you will to. Whether this is a bug or not remains to be seen. So now basically some tips might apply.

Get another toon same class as your main toon. Have that secondary character, get a guardian by Level 19. Then you have 10 days to get Level 20 in which you will get 2 - Level 21 Event Weapons +15. They have a higher attack to begin with then the regular L 21 weapon. Now the reason, to get a guardian by L 19, is if you will not be playing in a 10 day period to get to L 20.

Anyway, get the event weapon, put it in storage then your main character can use it at Level 17 to sp farm at the in the Temple in Dratan. There are two weapons, so use the weapon with the high attack. Depending on your character you can use regular armor. If you need better armor, then get ALL your armor to +3 by smelting weapons to get smelts to upgrade your armor to +3.

There is something new in the game name for players level 1 - Level 60. On the 5th and 6th server of each group, you can go to Elizabeth to get a special buff from here. She is just located, south of the pad when you appear in the game. Two buffs are available for players up to Level 90 now. The other NPC is called Mid Level.

She gives you a 200% xp, 200% sp, and 200 points on offense. So whether you are leveling or sp farming, you should train on this server. On Sarissa, a Blessed Iris, which gives you 200% xp may cost around 2 million gold. So think of the money you can save. If you are sp farming, with the 50% xp lock, you will get 100% xp but still double sp, then if you are in any other server. So staying on this server, you can level faster and sp farm faster then if you are in another server.

Leveling your character is not that hard, but just what to kill. Basically, if you made the pet trainer first, then when you start on your main character, leveling will be easier as you have a little more playing experience now. Experience points (xp) is higher in the Velpist Temple in Randol and the Prokion Temple in Dratan. When you are level 8, you may be strong enough to start inside the Velpist Temple in Randol. Go there and see if you can kill a level 10 zombie. Make sure you are in a solo party. If you are not, you will notice that the xp and sp goes up and down. When you are in a solo party, the xp and sp points are at the max and stay the same. Remember, at level 17, you want to go to Dratan and start your sp farming. You have to join a guild to lock your sp now.

When you get to level 32, hitting Orc Sergeants in the Prokion Temple in Dratan is to me the first real noticeable drop in points but still more then outside. And if you read this, you do not want to sp farm at level 29. You see, I thought at level 29 to get that higher level weapon, Level 33. and stuff and I could kill Orc Sergeants easier. True, but what no one told me is that Orc Sergeants are not plentiful. So I ended up killing the few Orc Sergeants around then have to kill lower mobs. So whether you are level 17 sp farming or level 29 sp farming, the max sp you get on a mob your level is 5500. So it would seem that a lower level where the mob is plentiful would be better. I seem to see that Level 25 is the best as these is the level with the most mobs which means no waiting or having to kill lower mobs while waiting for the mobs to respawn.

Go to the section MOB GUIDE to look for monsters about 4-6 levels above you. You can kill one of each to compare the xp and sp kills. Again, you can look on the MOB GUIDE for the xp and sp if available. But most xp of the older monsters still remain the same but some mobs it seems the sp is higher now. But there will come a time when you finally have to leave the Temple for bigger and better things. But leaving is usually after you have finished sp farming in the Prokion Temple
now. And one IMPORTANT thing while you are sp farming. You will NEED to get resurrection scrolls and/or sp restoration scrolls. You MUST get these scrolls so if you die you will not lose sp. If you die without them, you lose xp and sp points. You

There are 3 scrolls that you need to know about.

Resurrection Scroll
When you die you have the option of using this scroll, but it must be equipped before dying though. You can resurrect at the place of death or at the nearest starting point, or not use it. If you happened to be in the arena, do not use it. You will teleport to the pad and in the arena you do not lose xp or sp, and you will have all xp and sp and the resurrection scroll still equipped.

REMEMBER, when you die and resurrect at place of death, you must IMMEDIATELY equip the resurrection scroll again. Depending on the situation too. If in the castle and people are PKing everyone and you still have a red name, then resurrect at starting point now.

If you happen to be in a party killing monsters, then just move away, equip scroll, and take HP POTS as your hp is low. If not you will die again and wonder why the mob only hit you say, twice and you were dead. This playing and dying takes experience and time to learn.

You take off ALL armor and weapons, but MUST have resurrection scroll equipped. You die, but you do not lose xp or sp now. But this depends if you have the money to buy the resurrection scrolls. If per chance you die, and one of your items is sealed, then go to the Archbishop and he can unseal your weapon or armor for a hefty price now.

Only one of these scrolls may be equipped at any time now. That is, if you have a SP restoration scroll on, you can not put on a Resurrection or Experience Restoration Scroll on. To get the scroll off is each. The best method is to go to the Arena and have someone kill you. Then you could say use the SP restoration scroll. This way you are able to now put on the Resurrection Scroll.

SP Restoration Scroll
If you die, you do not lose any sp points now. Experience points are lost though

One one of these scrolls may be equipped at any time. In case, you have a scroll on and need to get rid of it, then go to the arena and die. That is one way to get rid of any of the 3 scrolls and not lose xp or sp.
Experience Restoration ScrollIf you die, you do not lose any xp points. Sp points are lost though. The two scrolls above can not be equipped. To get rid of scroll, go to the arena, die and use scroll. Remember, in the arena, you NEVER lose xp or sp, just pride.


Only one of these 3 scrolls may be equipped at anytime. To get rid of a scroll, go to the Arena and have someone kill you, then use the scroll. By being killed in the Arena, you can lose the scroll but also NOT LOSE any xp or sp points.

NOTE: I will sp farm my main character Level 29 knight on Orc Sergeants till I have at least 9k of sp. I will bank in all of the crafting skills. I will need to get the total spent. The problem is if I have too much sp left over then I will be forced to buy an sp restoration scroll. Reason is, so if I die I will not lose sp. But for each character you will have to figure out your sp needs now. You may very well want to get all your general and passive skills. If you figure you have too much left over and no way to buy ap then you can at least figure out the amount of sp you need. Then i guess you will have to sp farm down the road. That is why i tell people to get the free ap and by the time you hit level 100 you can already have a ap restore card.

But i learned that Level 29 is not a good level to sp farm as orc sergeants are not plentiful. Now if you are poor and can not buy ap or too lazy to sell, then do like I said in the "1-10 leveling" section. Get a guardian to level you to level 20 to get event weapon, then get your main to get leveled to level 17, lock xp, get event weapon plussed to +3, then start farming on level 17 ghouls in prokion temple then. Go to quizzes on Sundays, follow the crowd for the answers, and the last two months i have been getting 15 hs every week.

But even so, I would suggest to get ALL the crafting skills for your main character and ALL general and passive skills maxed. When you get to say level 100, you will have no need of armor smith or weapon smith skills as there are no production manuals for, I think, Level 105 on up. So the skills are useless then. Then when you reset your sp then you have no need of sp for any of your crafting skills. Not much sp, but you figure them out. (Hint: a lot, lol) Then other general skills like the dungeon skill you will have no use of once you are level 66, since you can no longer enter the personal dungeon in Randol.

You can save money too and buy a $20 game card from Wal-Mart to use to buy ap. Remember: BUY AP only when you get the 30% bonus or higher. Then the first time buyers you get a 35% bonus also. So if you got a 30% bonus plus the 35% bonus, you now have 3450 ap versus 2000 ap. Makes a difference. Then be patient and wait till they have the reset cards on sale now. So a 799 ap card will sell for around 400 ap. Do not be impatient either. If you are not going to use the card right away, wait till it comes on sale now.

One good thing is when you get to go to Egeha look for the Devil's Grave. They are mounds that do not hit back and give good xp especially when you are low level. Beware of the monsters around you though.

NOTE: If you have the ap or the gold, when you sp farm in the Prokion Temple, i suggest to use the following: platinum super skill pill (pssp), platinum training spell (due to irregularities, the name has been called the platinum training book but in the inventory is is the training spell. But no matter, what you look for is that one has 15% sp increase and the other has a 50% increase). Since sp is capped, i would suggest to use the spell books with 15%. At level 29, using a pssp, pts (50% sp boost) and spb, i got 77,000 sp from a level 29 Orc Sergeant. Then with a pssp, pts (the one with 15% boost) and spb, i think i got like 66,000 sp. About a 1 sp difference. Remember 77,000 skill experience points equal to 7.7 skill point on your character. 10,000 sxp = 1 sp. So you can see there is not that much difference. What you have to remember is the price of ap for both of the training spell books too. Depending on how you figure it out, the max sp i figured out using the pssp, pts (50%) and spb would be around a high of 180,000 sp to a low of about 132,000 but the cap is 77,000 sp. So use the pts (15%) is more economical I think, unless you are rich.

One thing to add now. Go the the Quest Guide here and take note of what quests have only xp and gold on them for the low levels. Reason is, that say at level 12 - level 17, you might want to go to the Prokion Temple to Level there and the sp is better also. And you still have to do quests now, if it is your main character now. Reason is that way you will not have to waste sp getting the cutting, mining, or harvesting skills. Laraine gives these to you for free. Some quests are Freebies. You get gold and xp just by delivering a weapon or letters. These you can get xp fast now.

NOTE: There is a quest for the level 18 drakes. I would suggest to stay there for level 18. Reason is you can kill them fast and get just as much xp and sp as in the Temples. . For example, if you can kill 3 drakes or 1 monster in the Prokion Temple, which is better or they both the same. The catch is, that with more kills you get more drops. That means better chance for HS drops, weapon/armor drops, and so fourth. That is one part of the game to make to make a little extra gold. But this is just something for you to be aware of. If you are making a pet trainer now, you could still kill drakes now.

The low level drops, level 5 to level 13 armor/weapons, you may want to sell back to the NPC. You can get healing and mana potions from Merchant Geres. Remember. From Level 1 to Level 10 if you die, you do not lose experience points or skill points. Then from Level 11 forward the loss starts off at 5%, 3%, then 2%. I have to look up the levels when the 3% and 2% losses start. I got killed at level 23 and my sp went from 80 to 78 now, so not too, too bad. But if I were to die again, then I would lose more then 2. At around level 100, during one event, I died and forgot to put on a Resurrection scroll. Of course, I died again, and lost in the vicinity of 130 sp, ouch.

J. DEMON PARTIES (obsolete since may 09, but good to know about) are parties formed to go and kill the Baccau Demon when you can really get high xp (low sp of course). These are fun because someone always gets killed in one. If you are in one and say you get killed twice then it is time to quit the party. Remember, you lose xp if you get killed. So why get killed twice then it may take you two hours to get the xp back. See what I mean. But then having xp restoration and sp restoration scrolls are nice to have too. Then if you have a lot of sp you better make sure you have a sp restoration scroll. Those sp are hard enough to get. Why lose them and then spend 5 times more to get them back at 1100 sp.

You may want to level at demon parties because you can get high experience points and there is no requirements to have xp items. This is what they used to do long ago, before the Tomb was put in.

When you start to level and have ap, try to see how you do killing a Sphinx by yourself. They are located in the Tomb area in Dratan at the Southwest corner. Using a platinum blessed iris and xpb, should get you a lot higher points.

Note: These are options now for you to do. If you do not have ap, then a demon party or even a Sphinx party would be good xp for all now. Demon parties are rapidly fading also, as you get more xp in a Tomb Party. But you will have a Demon Party when the Tomb level is set to high.

K. Getting in a Solo Party - Press G, then in the Action window go to the bottom. Click "Party Auto Matching." Then you get a window with the following:

1. Party Member Registration
2. Available Party Members List
3. Parties Recruiting Members
4. Delete Application
5. Cancel

1. In Party member registration, you have general and combat. For solo, click the general party and you are registered. Use this when no parties available and someone else may pick you up. There is no level limit here. Combat party is a 10 level limit. That is in the party, the highest to the lowest person is a 10 level limit now.

General Pary - Everyone shares the xp and sp. Drops are given to the person making the kill. No more random giving of drops.

Combat Party - You are within 10 levels of the person. You get approximately about 25% more xp now. Again, the kills you make you will get the drops upon picking up.

In the Available party Members List, you go there to get a party with another player. Just a matter of selecting a player if he wants to either solo or not.

Then in the Parties recruiting members, you go here first to join any available party.

Go to the section "Pets & Mounts" to read up on the new pets to be introduced. One change is that you can have 6 pets now. 2 of either dragon or horse and 2 of either pet, scrat-chi or it-chi and 2 bear pets. The guide will explain about all 4 pets now. There is a new pet now the Polar Bear and the Jaguar which are gotten though the item mall, loot wheel or events. Since there are a lot of P2 pets and you can equip two of each now. My main toon, I have 15 pets on it. Yea, I know gotta sell some soon. But again, I use them to update my pet section on the wiki also.

- By level 10 you may have gotten a pan flute (horse) or egg (dragon). When you do, a side flashing bubble to the bottom right will flash telling you to go to Lorraine to get your horse or dragon quest. I tell people to get a horse for a pet, because in the long run you will see that is what you will need. You go to Lorraine and then she gives you the flute or egg quest, in which you go to Jajan in Dratan, where he gives you the pet. To get to JaJan, you need to go to the teleporter. Press the letter M for map and locate the teleporter to the southwest. Once you go to Dratan, again click the map. Because it is a quest, look for the Purple A, and that is where Jajan is. Once you finish with a quest, a purple flashing A will pop up on the map. If you have a quest, a blue Q will appear.

One you get your pet, you will need herbs and stones to feed your pet. The herbs feed the top RED line of your pet and the rocks feed the bottom yellow line of your pet. All you have to do is open inventory, and click the herbs or stones to feed your pet. When the red line is gone, you pet dies. You have to go to animal trainer to revive your pet. When the yellow line is gone, you pet will not move and will not gain pet points to level.

If you get an extra pan flute, save this for any secondary characters that you may start. You can always transfer a pan flute, but if you go to Jajan to get a pet from it, then you have to get someone you can trust to trade it for you. You can not store a pet, so you have to get someone trustworthy to hold your pet, while you get your other character. Then the other person can transfer the pet to your new character.

You can only have 6 pets in your inventory (6 pets when the new pet patch comes out). You can only equip one at a time. Most high level players have the level 37 horse mount for buffs and then equip the other pet for the addition armor and attack skills it gives the player in combat. With the new pets being able to attack, it sounds to me like everyone will be like a sorcerer with their spirits now. Except no magic spells to throw.

Remember when the top red line is gone, your pet dies and you go to the animal trainer to UNSEAL YOUR PET. Unseal and revive are the same thing. Now you will see on your dragon for example when it is dead, 17 hours till it can be revived. Well, this is 17 hours of REAL time fighting the monsters. And if you fight for 8 hours and try to unseal your pet, you still pay the full price. No discounts at the animal trainer. Anyway, click the Pet trainer and then click "Unseal Pet." A window appears and has a small square in that. Open your inventory and DRAG you pet icon there. Then it tells you under the window, what it costs to unseal your pet.

M. GETTING FOOD FOR YOUR PET - You will need TOOL AIDS so as to get your pet food faster. If you need green herbs, then you go to Merchant Geres and buy a knife for your class level. Well, while you are cutting the green herb, drag the tool aid from your inventory over the knife, it will give it a boost and in 5 seconds or so , you have 27 herbs and your knife disappears too. This also works with mining and collecting energy. You feed your pet herbs for the top yellow line and the stones for the bottom red line. When the top line disappears, your pet dies. When the bottom red line disappears, you pet can not move or gain xp.

Remember, where you first started out in LC, at the NPC named Nero. The herb garden in near there. Just look around and you should be able to find it.


The drake or pony that you start off with will eventually acquire pet skills. Depending on your character after 3 or 4 hits your pet acquires 1 pet experience point. When he gets enough points for his level, he advances to the next level and gets one technical point. Go to the animal trainer and click pet skills. You then notice all the skills you may acquire. But since you only have your first technical pet point, you can only acquire these skills slowly. Basically, if you put 1 tech point in offense your offense raises 2 points. Now go ahead and experiment. Nothing is lost or gained and you can not damage anything. If you put the 1 tech point on offense, then click the animal trainer again. If you notice on the bottom , it says reset pet skills. So reset and reapply the point to defense and watch your defense go up a little. The reason for resetting skills is so when you go say, fight demons in Egeha then you would set to magical defense as they use magical attacks.

At level 31, your dragon or horse can change into a mount. You can go to the animal trainer to do this now. But beware as if you want to change them back, you have to buy the pet retraining card which I think is expensive. Check it out in the Item Mall. Your horse is changed into a Knightmare and your dragon is still a dragon except he has gotten bigger now. But if you are training your pet, I suggest to wait till level 37 to get a horse mount. Anything past that for a horse mount is Useless. Also, a mounted dragon is useless as you will find out.

The horse can do offensive and defensive buffs. Click your horse mount. Then in the pet window, there is a gold arrow at the top right of the box. Click this and you should get a window with the pets stats in it. Then at the top on the right side is skills, click this. Then if you have gotten defense and offensive skills, you will see TWO boxes. But first record your offense and defense stats. Then click the offense and the horse rises on two legs giving you a magical offensive buff. You should notice you offense has gone up. Do this for your defence. Now the max levels of buffs are 10 for each, physical and defensive. At level 31, you have to decide how many points you want to give to each skill. If the Knightmare is level 37, then you can get the 10/10 horse buff then.

The above also applies to a dragon. A horse that is mounted that is past 37, does not get anything extra. Except at level 38, which the useless skill of crying is given. A dragon has its poison breath now. The max level for a dragon is level 33. Dragon mounts are rather poorly skilled creatures.

If you die while on your Knightmare or dragon, then you must go to the animal trainer to "Unseal your pet" or revive your pet. The cost is dependent on the level of your pet now.

Go to the Pet and Mounts, section to read about the other pets.
N. Level 10 and Merchant Mode - At this level you are eligible to set up Merchant Mode. You can go close to the weapon and armor traders in Randol and sell your drops there cheaper then the merchants there. What you do is to click the armor trader or other NPC and then find out what he is willing to buy each piece of armor or weapon for. Get the price, double it, and that is about 75% of what the item sells for.

If you can not get in merchant mode, that is due to:

1. Putting an item in the merchant box, that can not be sold or traded. Example, putting a weapon that has a cover on it.

2. Putting an item in that has been sold already. When in merchant mode, you come back and see a empty space, sometimes the item does not disappear from the mm inventory , after someone had bought it, and you can not re-list it, since it does not exist.

3. Make sure if you are selling a pet, to have its skills at 0. Do this by going to the animal trainer and resetting the pet skills.

4. Just a reminder you have to be level 10 to set up Merchant Mode now.

5. If you have problems still, then take off one item at a time, until you can set up MM. Then you will be able to see what you did wrong. Usually, it was one of the above.

Trader Agent Roy and Trader Agent Siban

Trader Agent Roy is located to the left of the Animal Trainer and is by the fountain. Trader Agent Siban is located right across from the Domain Merchant, by the West Gate intersection. The purpose of the traders is for you to put items up for sale. There are 10 slots. The 1st item you put up for sale is charged 1000 gold whether you sell it or not. The 2d slot you are charge 2000 gold, progressively, so if you put something in the 10th slot you are charged 10,000 gold. So you can see it is not worth it to sell unless you sell it for a lot. Also, there is a slight 3% or 5% commission charged if you sell the item.

When you have sold an item, a flashing icon to the bottom right will blink. This indicates that someone has bought something from you or that the 5 day time limit for your item you are trying to sell is up. Then you have 15 days to get the item or the money before it is dumped, erased, and gone to the treasure grave never to be seen again, lol.

Just click it and you can see how it works. At the top are 3 tabs, the middle one is registration and this is the one you press to put an item in to sell. If later you decide you want the item back, then go to registration, click the item, and then click CANCEL at the bottom right. Then the item is taken off the market. Then you need to click the RECEIPTS to get your item or money back. Again, click receipts, then click at the bottom right to get the items or gold transferred to you.

When you put a item like potions up for sale, REMEMBER THIS. If you put 5 heal potions and you want to charge 100 gold each, then the price for the group is 500 gold. In merchant mode, you can charge individually. In the Trader Mode it is a group or individual sale. The price is for the whole lot now, not just 1 of the 5 items.

: Watch it when you sell stuff too. If you try to sell an item for 10,000 gold the trader may charge you up to 10.000 gold for a deposit. He takes it out of your bank, so you may not really notice. Then I noticed too, that in all items, there is a small tax taken out, which is not mention anywhere either. So if you selling a low level item, look to see what the deposit is FIRST. Once you put an item up for sale with the Trader, you lose your deposit now.

If you click the top left tab, HIT, you can search for all the different items. Again, remember this tip. If you say need a level 50 gloves, then click ARMOR, then click GLOVES, then click ALL. Do not click your class now. Remember, you can go to collector Ryl to change any armor from level 25 to 73. So think about it. You can scan all the gloves in any class and get the cheapest ones. If you go to the knight section they are expensive whereas the sorcerer gloves were a lot cheaper. So buy the CHEAPEST gloves at the level you need, then if you are a knight you go to Collector Ryl and change to knight gloves.

If one trader is crowded step to the other trader. Once you click on a trader, step far away to conduct your business. If you have gold, then you can buy your armor ahead of time. I would buy +15 weapon, then when ready for the next level buy it. Then sell the +15 weapon. I only had +6 armor when i leveled to level 73. I was a TK and yes, I was bad. But I know how NOT TO die too. lol

STORAGE of items
When you start in the game, you arrive on the pad in Randol. To the East is the Storekeeper Bianca. Just click Storekeeper Bianca to deposit or withdraw stuff. There is also a storekeeper in Dratan too. She has 50 spaces that you can use. If you have to have more, go to the Item Mall and buy a storage card. The card costs 99ap, lasts one month real time, and increases the spaces to 100. After the time runs out, you can not put any additional items in there. You can of course withdraw stuff. Also, you can deposit stuff in the storekeeper after the time runs out, ONLY if you already have that item in there.

You can make up to 4 characters now. You may decide to have another character to use for storage or "a mule" to keep the items you do not need to use right away. You know how you get items like raw wood, cracked swords, and others that have no use in the game. You may decide to save them for future use. When the new pets came out, then all of a sudden black orbs, horn beast eyes, fox tails, and myst eyes, which normally you would be happy to have gotten 20k, all of a sudden sold for 1-2 million.

Remember flexibility and adaption is the key. I stopped what I was doing and started hunting myst eyes and fox tails. I started a level 1 knight to strictly hunt fox tails. Got him to level 5, locked his sp in, got him a level 9+3 weapon, with some lucky scrolls and went to town. I put all tails in the storekeeper to have my pet trainer pick up to sell. My pet trainer was killing poison mists. I found my favorite spot for the eyes. Again, I have noticed that certain spots produce better then others. I don't know why but that it is. I was hunting harpy feathers at one time and was getting them in one spot but no harpy tears. I changed spot out of boredom then all of a sudden I was getting more tears and less feathers. Who knows? If you want that myst eye spot, let me know in the forum and i will give it to you now. +

Also, you can not store certain things in the store keeper and pets is one of them. Also, certain other items will not store either. That is part of the rules of the game whether you like it or not. If you can not store something then just note if down for future reference now.

Collector Ryl who can change the weapon's class and Armor class.

If you are a knight and have a sorcerer +5 weapon, you can go to Collector Ryl to change the weapon to a knight weapon +5 with no blood seals now. Only a character who is level 31 on up can use Collector Ryl. Collector Ryl can only change weapons/armor level 29 on up. Armor limit is level 73 and weapon limit is Level 69.
The lower limit change if you forget is that items may be changed if they have a reproduction manual is one way to do it. Remember, when changing class of weapons or amor, that the blood seals are lost, but the + of the weapons remains the same.

So you can not change your level 17+12 scepter to a Level 17 +12 knight duals. I tried on lower class weapon and could not do it myself. Be careful now. Each class has two weapons for each class. You have to be familiar as to which weapon will change to what. . Make sure you scroll down to get other weapons also. The knight duals,
for example, are listed but you have to scroll down. And there is a hefty price to pay now in gold. But sometimes worth it if you can get the weapon at a cheap price.
The price to change a level 57 weapon was around 220k gold. I bought a cheap level 57+4 sorcerer scythe and change it to duals and sold them instead.

FYI, i used +3 weapons and armor till I got to the Prokion Temple now. So know how to transmute and get your stuff to +3. Weapons give you to

Upgrading your weapons and Armor (See STRATEGY GUIDE for other upgrade topics)
NOTE: By getting a guardian by Level 10 and then making Level 20 in 10 days you can get a Level 21 +15 event weapon. So take this in consideration on upgrading of weapons.
Since originally, the event weapon had an offense like a Level 29 weapon, then the event weapon should be just as good or better then the L29 +15 weapon.
So if you read this then go back and get a Guardian, otherwise read below and follow the advice if you do not have the event weapon.

This is my suggestion. Up to level 33, your weapons and armor need only be +3. My reasoning is that about level 30, the leveling will really start to get longer now. Remember when you went to level 1 to level 5 what seemed like a few minutes. Well, why waste all your money say on armor when you will not be in the level that long to fully appreciated the use of your armor. You can always upgrade anytime you want, but to me buying a level 21 +10 weapon was a waste of money. But do what you want as I say, these are only suggestion and guidelines, not the bible.

You can go to Strayana Weapons Trader to buy the level 33 weapons for 55k and change. Weapons from level 37 on up have to be bought, made by a weapons smith, or gotten from a drop. Quick note: Don't buy weapons or armor from level 65 on up as when you get to higher levels you will be able to get these from drops yourselves. As of Feb 8, 2009 the weapon smith has been broke for 3 months now. Last patch then said it was fixed but it was not.

If you are pet leveling, the level 33 shield is sold in Randol, but not in the other towns. Whereas you can buy the level 35-37 armor in Merac and Dratan only. Egeha, as I remember sells, Level 20-22 and level 35-37 armor only as does Strayana. So now you never have to figure out to go to Eheha to buy the level 33 weapons.

Level 40 armor and up, you get from buying from another person, getting the armor from a drop, or buying the reproduction manual for that level of armor. If you buy a reproduction manual, you will need to get the items to make your armor and have the required armor smith to make it or have a friend with the skills to ATTEMPT to make the armor for you. This applies to weapons from Level 37 on up now. This is where i say for your pet trainer to get the crafting skills to get armor or weapon smith. You can now lock your xp and donate it 100% to the guild when you are through leveling your pet trainer now. But you always want the sp to get the crafting skills.

If you have the armor smith or weapon smith skills to make that certain item, then you can make your own materials. Just go to the Master of Processors, located at the intersection by the North Gate. Just click on him and explore and you should be able to figure out what to do. You will find , for example, that by having certain skills like the level 3 Flawless Stone Processing skills that you can make twice as much then attempting in the Master of Processors. This means you can save a lot of money and time then.
But again strategy has changed. When you sp farm, you should max ALL crafting skills. When you ever get to level 100, they may have new skills in. So where do you get the extra sp. Why from the crafting skills which you no longer need. With the 95s armor and weapons, they are supposed to have 1

TRANSMUTER or How to make Smelts from Armor and Weapons

The Transmuter can transmute armor and weapons to smelting stones. Transmuting armor gives you one smelting stone and transmuting a weapon gives you two smelting stones. The Smelt has to be at the same level or higher to use them on your armor or weapons. You should use a smelt only up to +3. To attempt to get +4 and you fail, then the weapon or armor is ruined. You will find that it is cheap up to about level 25 when armor and weapon prices start to get up. But for me, once I reached level 35 (where I could start to use level 40 gauntlets) was where I started looking to get more then just +3 armor. The game changed and killing orc Sergeants at level 31 is not that bad. My +3 armor is doing great. Now the weapon upgrades I will start mine at the level 37 to get something past +3.


You can only transmute weapons or armor that have no plus on them. In other words, you can transmute to smelts only plain armor or plain weapons.
If your inventory is overweight more then 100%, you can not transmute. You will get something saying you do not have space. It should say overweight though.

Go to STRATEGY GUIDE and read the section on upgrading to give you an insight on how to do it.
And hopefully, you do not try to upgrade and fail 7 times in a row like one person who wrote on this forum. READ people. I did say, you have good and bad days. Be patient. It took me a year to finally learn that patience and timing is everything.

During the 200% HS events, I have verified this for my use and this is what i do now. If you start off and BREAK an item, just quit. In all the events where the weapon broke, i kept on breaking them. Now on the other hand, like yesterday, 10Feb09, I made FOUR +14 items. I ran out of time. I got a +14 97 y4 helm, from +1 to +14 using Heaven Stones only. I had already used RoPs to make a similar helmet. I decided to make one without and again, proved my point to myself, that it was a GOOD event. Incidentally, on my 2d armor piece, i used a RoP II, and going to +14, the item broke but went to +10. I was able to get it to +14. Then next two were no problem. Now the trick is that if that had been my first piece and broke like that, I would have quit. But the first item to me, sets the stage for upgrading. So use your judgement too. Do not try to upgrade more if you break 2 items. Common sense folks should tell you something is wrong. One person in the forum stated he thought my advice was bad cuz he broke 7 weapons in a row. Gimme a break now, lol. He did not read well or understand what I said. Be flexible and be patient. I do. Then just wait for the next event to come if it is a bad day.

SP Farming in the Temples
NOTE: Sep2011 Another change or bug. Now you sp farm on the Sasquatches at L17. Reason is that now at L17, you get 10,500 sp which is double that of anything of that in the Temple. So read the below notes, to be aware of this. They will not be deleted as I will wait a couple of months then if the Sasquatches are still giving high SP, then all these notes will be deleted and sp farming in the Temple will be obsolete. Why sp farm at a high level for half the sp. You can see how things have changed in the last few years, but good to know. By the end of the year, this section will get revised again. Notice also, that in the Temple you get 5500 sp. Now the Sasquatches are double, Hmmm, which one is better??? lol Tip: Read on how to get another character to get the Event weapon for you. That way at L17 you can use it and kill even faster then with anything you have at the moment. Use the L21-414

Note: SP has changed. Aeria lowered xp and sp without notice, then announced they were raising the xp and sp, out of the goodness of their heart. Like the Going out of Business sales. They raise all the prices 20% and then anounce 30% discount, lol. Just note this anyway. SP is higher in the Velpist Temple now as of Dec 2010, but the principles of sp farming remain the same.

With the new May 08 patch out now, you can sp farm really nice in the Temples. In the Velpist Temple in Randol, you get 3300 sp and in the Prokion Temple you can get 5500 sp. This is the sp you get for killing the same level monster as you are. So at about level 5 you can start in the Velpist Temple in between quests now. In the Tower in Egeha, it has been reported that 5500 ap can be gotten from the mobs in there. But it is slower killing, but at least the sp is up.

Click on the XP & SP List by Mob to the left and check it out. And you also get higher xp from the Temple monsters now too.

The Velpist Temple in Randol starts with the Level 10 Mummies. The Prokion Temple in Dratan starts with the Level 17 Ghouls. Killing monsters at your own levels in these two temples will get you 5500 sp. Also you can start a few levels earlier killing. How early of level depends on your armor and weapon you have now. Don't forget too. Try to do the quests also. I did state above to get a level 20 character to get your event weapon and give this weapon to your level 17 main to sp farm on the Level 17 ghouls.


NOTE: (19 Dec 08) I bought ap and got the sp items necessary for me to sp farm. Yesterday, in one hour I got 1800 sp for a total of 18k sp. I want to get 30k sp which
i will partially use to get the guild from level 7 to level 15. No benefits after level 10, but i told GM that be ready for future too. lol This is a different strategy concept I thought
about. I am in the right place and the right time. Yes, I did have to spend $ for ap. 2 months of regular sp farming does take time. But I came into a little pocket change and
LC finally had the 50% bonus ap I was looking for. Then buying 2- 100% rebate items, which i turned around and sold for gold and more ap and I was set.

Well I used the extra sp to level the guild I was in, not knowing that in a month of not have the GM around, i would start my own guild,lol. She had started the guild and I did
want to take it from her. So now in Nov 09, i have a knight sp farming. By this time next year, I will have Major sp. Having to kill yourself to not level requires sp restoration scrolls.

Read the "Item Mall and AP" and you will see what I did. Anyway, with enough sp saved up, I can start leveling the guild. I only really need I say 7k sp as I have maxed ALL
skills - general, passive, and crafting. Then when I get to like level 70 I may reset my sp. A lot of lower skills I will no longer need or use. Like the dungeon skill is only used
up to level 65. Some of the other knight skills are not really good at high levels either. So when people say you need 11k on the forum, they fail to tell you everything. They
have counted all class skills sp as if you never got any skills. If I use 2k sp to max all my general and passive skills, the number changes from 11k to 9k. There are people
out there maybe getting sp, getting their skills too, and STILL trying to get the 11k sp. Then they forget to tell you while you are sp farming, to somehow get the means to
get sp restore scrolls, so if you die you will not lose sp.

So after finishing sp farming, you can then pet train or sell on the side to get gold. Then also read on how to get free ap too. So many things to do and learn. Like driving a car. Once you get the hang of it, you can drive, drink coffee, talk to your passenger, and all this without thinking. lol

Remember, this are only suggestions and you do what you want now. I am just trying to impart a little playing experience now. Why play for a few months to figure out
something when you read this you can play and make the minimal mistakes and the fastest leveling possible.

LEVEL 27 - You need to start figuring out what you will need for class change when you reach level 31. For example, a knight needs to have Level 5 Mana Break to change to either Templar or Royal Knight at level 31. A rogue can change to Hunter or Assassin at level 31 with no prerequisites like a Knight has. BUT, new skills need to be learned to. The Assassin has general skills for dagger skills now. Again sp farm at level 29 to get all the skills caught up and save some for the level 31 skills and maybe bank some sp too. I suggest to sp farm and get ALL skills maxed, and get all crafting skills maxed also. By the time you get to level 70, you will have sent in and gotten the free ap to buy the sp reset card. Also, by then you will have found that a lot of general skills you do not need or use. Like at level 70, you will not need the dungeon skills, reason is that level 65 is the last level you can go in the personal dungeon in Randol.

Researching the sp needs ahead of time at level 29, you will not be caught unprepared and can start saving sp a few levels before. Ask people around about the class you want to change too if you are not sure of yourself. I recommend that if you are in a class where you can use a bow or weapon that shoots from a distance then you will survive longer. Surviving longer without getting killed, means you level faster now.

In parties, the monster always hits the people closest to it, in general now. (It is usually the highest level or person with the baddest weapon now. But that person is not always attacked now) Also, the monster usually attacks the person who is the most dangerous too. I was in a demon party with a knight that was 5 levels above me. But seems I was mostly getting hit. Then a light went off in my head. The person had +6 duals and I had +15 duals. I was under the assumption that the highest get hit mostly. This holds true as usually the highest person has the better weapons, but this is something good to know.

Be sure to research the new skills you will need AFTER your class change. I plan to get about 75% of my sp needed, I will put in for free ap to get the class reset card, and doing this I should level faster. I will be able to level and not worry about sp farming now more.

Rumors are going around that new skills for the level 100 players are coming.. That is like trying to buy a new car. If you wait till next year you can get the car with all the improvements. Next year comes and you say, I can wait for the next year car to come around to buy it with all the improvement. Well there comes a time when you have to fold em cards and do not worry about future skills that may be coming. The new level is now level 120 and for me that is like 3 years down the road WITHOUT using boosters now, lol. Well the patch of 6Feb09, said new skills were out, but nothing on my Master. Maybe you have to be level 100 to see them.

While you are sp farming, shop around. You should think of getting your armor ahead of time, so when you finish sp farming , the stuff is waiting for you. But you can wait till you finish too, to shop around too.

Personally, I am sp farming at level 29 in the Prokion Temple and in a level 6 guild donating 100% of my xp. Remember for this donation to work, you have to be on the same server number that you started the donation on. But it seems that it works on different servers now.

Remember to be flexible, because rules change every patch. I am only aware of them when other people find out.

LEVEL 28 SP FARMING ( dated 21 Dec 2010)

Things have changed again. Now you can get a Level 21 +15 event weapon now. Now here is what you can basically do. You need to make another character the same class as
the main character. Before I had said to make a knight as you could make a pet trainer while you were at that. Things changed now. Now you get a level 21 +15 weapon which
can not be changed at Collector Ryl to another class. So you have to make a secondary character the same class as the Main character. You will have to get a guardian of course from Level 1 - 10. With the new guardian system in effect, You can get a guardian up to Level 30. If this is true, from what i read on forum, no mention of say getting a guardian at level 19, then leveling to Level 20 to get the free event weapon. So for now, try to get a guardian by Level 10 to be on the safe side. It will take a while till I can find
out, if there are new rules to getting the event weapon.

Anyway, the reason you want to get a secondary character to Level 31, is so they can get the FREE Level 30-32 +10 armor and the 2 - free Level 33 +10 weapons. Now with the
new guardian system, you can get a Level 21 +15 event weapon. This nearly has the same attack as a Level 29 weapon. But this event weapon, has more attack then the Level 33 weapons now. Once you have reached level 31, you transfer the armor and weapons to the storekeeper.

Now once your main character reaches Level 17, they can equip the Event Weapon. You level up to Level 25 and you can equip the Level 30 gloves, Then at Level 26 you can wear the Level 31 shirt and pants, then at Level 27, you can wear the Level 32 Helm and boots. So at Level 27, you now have all +10 armor and a +15 weapon. You still need to level one more time. The reason is that you will find the Level 28 mobs are the most plentiful there. That way you can kill right and left and not worry about dying. Remember, when the mob is at your level, that is when you get the most xp and sp now.

. I researched the knight skills guide and to max all the skills I need for a Royal Knight I need about 11k (11,000) sp. What you do is to join a guild to lock your xp, which is at 50% now. Check with your class master as to the sp you need for each skill that you are able to get. So you figure out the ratio of mobs to sp. Now when you get NEAR the 90% on xp, then figure out how much more sp you need to get the skills. Example, you write down all the skills you can get up to Level 29. Then you figure out how much sp you can get to get for your skills before you can level. I suggest to keep track of how much sp to xp you get. Anyway, basically, you look and see to get 3 skills you need 300 sp. Then to get this 300 sp, you kill the mobs and your xp % goes to say 60%. Now you can go and get the skills, when you get the EXACT sp you need. That way when you kill yourself to get your xp% down to 0, you do not lose any sp. Yea, you have to go back and fourth.

Make sure you are buying sp restoration skills or resurrection scrolls while you are sp farming.. You will need these when you start to level. That way if you die, you do not lose sp. SP is VERY HARD to get back now. The first time you die, the sp is small, but each time the sp loss gets bigger and bigger.

STRATEGY TIP & EXPLANATION - Ok, this applies to all classes now, but I will use my knight for the example. I am in a level 7 guild and have my xp locked. XP locked means that I am donating 50% experience points I get from killing a monster to the guild. For every 10k xp that is donated, the guild gets 1 Guild Point. Counting my sp for all skills, my knight would need 11k to max all general and special skills. Now the following is what no one tells you what you need to REALLY DO.

1. I have my xp locked at level 28 and am sp farming. I am maxing ALL my general, special, and crafting skills.

2. The total of crafting skills that I will need at level 29 is not 11k sp. I would have to count the general and special skills that i have maxed already. I could also count the sp from all the crafting skills that I have maxed too. All these sp will amount to around 3k sp. (JUST GUESSING, I will come back and put the figures in now). So that leaves me with only 8k sp that i will need.

3. By the time I get to level 90, I will accumulate around 2k sp. I will also have reset my sp. Because I am so high, I have no use for ANY crafting skills. I will have had my pet leveler have the necessary crafting skills for making armors and weapons for lower class guildies. But crafting armor or weapons is rather outmoded now.

At level from around level 75 on up, you have to be same level to wear or use armor and or weapon. There is no reproduction manuals to make these weapons or armor now. Now when I reset my sp, I find also that a lot of lower skills I do not need. After level 65, the dungeon skill is obsolete as I can not get in the dungeon no more. The first level skill, Knuckle Spear, for a knight is useless at high levels. Matter of Fact, most of the lower skills are useless at high levels now.

4. Knowing that at level 70, i will be able to reset sp, I find that I really need only like 3k to 5k sp at the maximum, saved before i proceed. Not the 11k. I take in the fact that I will reset the crafting skills, and other skills that i do not use. I have maxed all skills up to level 29. I can even sp farm at level 30 to max Mana Break, which a knight needs if he wants to do a class change along with 50k gold. Other classes like a rogue SHOULD have ap saved so when you do your class change, you can immediately get those skills that enhance your weapons be it bow or daggers.

5. But I will still need the extra sp, when I get to level 122 to get the RK offence skill. What I did not find out, till I was L136 and got it, that the Offense skill at level 3, gives me 40% extra hitting power. That means, for every hour I spend leveling with the level 3 skill, is like spending 1 hour 40 minutes, NOT having the skill. So this is something to think way ahead of time now. So research your level skills. And if you are a RK, if you go to the skill chart, look up the skill, where you spend all this sp, to get 24 extra hit points. I am hitting at 10k a hit, and the 240 extra hit points from maxing this skill is really not good in my eyes. Not for the sp spent

One thing noted, is that at level 31, you get a FREE set of Level 30-32 armor +10 and 2 level 33 weapons +10. So if you see people selling this armor cheap, that is why. One thing you might want to do is to go to S5 and just purely level a character to get to level 31 Just to get this armor and weapons for your main character. With Elizabeth, giving a 200% xp buff, plus any PBI you have you can level fast. PBIs last one hour and suggest to use them when you are at level 30 now. So at level 25, you can use the level 30 gloves, and at level 27 you can have a complete set of +10 armor on now.

WARNING; DO NOT buy gold from the spammers or other sites. You get caught and you will get banned and all your hard work and money is lost. Also, I read what gold spammers do to. They are DIRECTLY responsible for having high prices of the items. I need to find that article and make a link here for you to read. And isn't it annoying too when they spam and you can not really talk.

These are various ways to make gold from Killing certain monsters to shopping. Again, these are some things I have found to be helpful. Remember be patient and flexible. I do not want to hear anyone say, "I shopped for two days and found nothing I could resell." Like upgrading with HS, there are good days and bad days. But with shopping comes experience and then you will know what to buy or not to buy. I know when you sp farm like me at level 29, i could always make money from my drops. But i rather pet train. Then when i get ready to level I will have two level 37 pets to sell.

DEATH KNIGHT - When you can solo the Death Knight or able to party and kill it, make sure everyone has an idb (item drop booster) on. As if you get lucky, you might get a super drop. That is 4 pieces of armor. I like the double HS drop that I got. That has only happened twice and both with the Death Knight. Then at level 76, the drops disappear. The reason you want everyone in the party to have a idb is so whoever gets the kill of the death knight will get the drops. Or if not, everyone attacks. then at the last moment the knight throws a shield strike and the rogue a snare and let the one guy with the idb kill the death knight.

BOGLE, Level 65 - At Level 65, the bogle is one monster easy to make sp, xp, and gold on. What i did was at level 60, I was able to solo the bogle without too much of a problem. I made sure that I was in solo party also. When you can solo a bogle that is when to have your idb and lucky scroll available. If you got an xp scroll that would not hurt to use on it now. Now when you get to level 64, is when i would start using the effort scroll and sp boosters. Now if you are short on boosters or gold, you could wait till you hit Level 65 to get the max of 1100 sp. Like I said, you have to adjust with what gold and stuff you have. You might want to go check out a screaming zombie at the new Tomb at the pyramid. Just met a level 53 player, healer, that was soloing zombies. It took a little time as the player had to hit and run now. I thought it was funny, just continuously running around and the zombie chasing the healer.

With the bogles I got all my level 65 armor now. With the idb and lucky scrolls, i got many drops that I was able to sell at 300-500k gold.

Anyway, price the stuff you get from the bogles at the NPC. Now if the NPC wants to give you 180k gold, then try to sell it for double. I would sell my stuff on a regular day at 400k. Then Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, I would have the "300k armor sale." This way, i would not have to sell at the NPC and make double the amount versus selling it back to the NPC. I would sell 24/7 and make like 40 mill on a good weekend.

NOTE: Again, depends if you have ap or not. But they sell a merchant card, so if you are in Eghea, you can sell any unless drops you deem not good. This all gets confusing as some tips are for anyone then if you get sp you can sometimes go an easier route.

VERY IMPORTANT - Strip your inventory of all unnecessary stuff if you plan to kill bogles using lucky scrolls and IDBs now. Again, because you will get getting armor drops from the bogles and you want to last as long as possible before going back to Randol to deposit your stuff and going back again. The price of Recall has gone up and not too many people have it so that poses another problem for the person.

Remember you can make up to 4 characters, so if you are only running one character then, make THREE more to act as "mules" or extra storage space. I had 4 characters and at one time I was completely full and had to sell a few things to the NPC. Got rich that way with the 300k sale. I would leave it in Merchant Mode, and every so often just check and restock the stuff. Made 20 mill gold, one weekend selling. You figure that is about 10 million gold, if I had sold it back to the NPC now. HS in Sarissa at this time were selling from 500k now, so now in Aug 08, I sold one for 800k and people asking 1 million gold for HS now in Sarissa. Remember, price stuff accordingly now or what you think you can get away with.
With 4 characters, that means you can have 40 spaces available for selling in the traders (10 slots for each character).

Again, you can go in Merchant Mode to sell your drops now. Look around and see what others are selling your stuff for now. You do not want to sell it too cheap or sell it too high. In Sarissa, tool aids sell on the average (OCT 08) for about 25k gold. But I have seen people trying to sell their tool aids for 30 or 40k and the next day comes and the same amount is still there. Of course, when I see some being sold for 15k, I snap them suckers up. I am pet training a lot and do not have time on getting tool aid drops. But once I started sp farming I started to save tool aids. Do not buy too many at first, just enough to get you buy.

SHOPPING - When you are shopping if you see someone selling eggs or panflutes really cheap buy them up. Remember you can attempt to harvest the pets now and if you get lucky and get one part out of 100 attempts to me the time is worth it. But then most people do not want to spend the time going back and fourth harvesting pet parts to get a piece of dragon or horse parts. But this is just something for you to be aware of now. Then when you get bored, you can do a 15 minutes of saccing pets and like Dirty Harry said, "You feel lucky, Punk??" lol

On Sarissa, tool aids sell for about 25 k (Oct 08). But I find them once in a while for 10k and a lot still for 20k. But you gotta shop around. Tool Aids are something you should have in stock always. You can get your rocks and herbs ahead of time and have a small stockpile in storage. So when you are playing and need to get some herbs and stones fast you will have them ready.

If you see weapon or reproduction manuals really cheap buy them up. One thing I maxed on my pet trainer was armorsmith. That way if it got boring, i could try to make the materials for whatever book I had. With the way things are now, you might try to make your own weapon and upgrade it. But then again, you may want to buy that +15 too. Either way, is up to you.

NOTE: By Dec 2010, people are not wanting Dragon Weapons or Horse Armor. The reason is that they are obsolete now. This armor levels with you and always is +10, but no seals and now it becomes easier to get weapons and armor higher then there. So, getting pet parts, is something you can do when you get bored, but KNOWING it may be futile in the end.

IMPORTANT - I suggest to not sell your HS or tool aids. You might sell a HS to get money to upgrade your level 30-32 armor or weapons to +3. Now if you accumulate a lot of HS figure out AHEAD of time what a weapon will cost you. Remember with every 4 weapon or 5 armor levels you drop APPROXIMATELY +2. So a level 65 +15 is like a level 69 +13, when you get to Level 69. That is one reason to use the weapon or armor charts (which are not done yet. lol) to see what the next level of attack or defense you have for your weapon/armor. On Sarissa (Oct 08) +15 weapons sell for around from 60 million to 160 million depending on level and seals of weapon. The last weapon available is a level 85. So you would get level 65 +15 and then when you got to level 85 it would be APPROXIMATELY Level 85 +7. So the morale here is to shop for a level 65 +15, save up money if you can to buy a level 85+15, when you did get to that level. Remember you will be able to sell your level 65 +15 from an easy 50 million to 120 million. (These are the prices I have seen the weapon sell for and too rich for me, lol)

So shopping is merely more then just looking around but planning ahead what to eventually buy for yourself. If you look at the prices of mounts while shopping, you might see why you might want to pet train on the side. You could easily get another level 37 mount to sell for that eventual level 85 +15 weapon. But you will not sell your mount till you have gotten around level 83 minimum. You can not equip a level 85 weapon till you are that level, level 85. Say you get that 2d level 37 horse by the time you are level 50. Well from level 50 to level 83, will take time if you play this game part time. And prices will definitely go up in 3 months for sure. So you see why you do not sell certain things early. Then start pet training so you will have the money to get as many level 85 +15 items as you can. But by shopping, you can know the prices and what to look for. Yes, by shopping you will have to learn the colors of the weapons and armor. Again, go to the armor or weapon charts to find out.


Go to the homepage then to the LC forum to see how to get free ap. You will not get it right away but in a week or two or three even, but you will eventually get it. Click on where it says events and contests. Read the homepage at least once a week.

It is very important to read the section "Item Mall and AP" in the directory. Read this till you can understand what I am saying. It is basically saying at certain times you buy ap. Then at certain times you buy items. Very simple now.

Remember, when you click SHOP then the next window look for the FREE sign, and click that. In Dec 2010, they had it where you can watch a video and get like from 2 - 6 ap. So if you are playing LC, you have the window open, and click a video. You play your game take a quick break and put on another video. Make sure you are in a spot, where you will not get killed by taking this one minute break. But again, this is something to think about. People complain they can not get or buy ap. Here is a free way, but come on. Doing anything takes time and say in a month, the ap will add up.

W. Buying AP for the First Time

The first time you buy AP you get the following bonus (effective as of 1 Oct 2011). Remember, these items may change with time also.

Free Stuff: The Premium Package, all our best stuff!
*Note* These items cannot be traded and are intended for your private enjoyment while playing LC.

50 x Experience Point Boosters

50 x Skill Point Boosters

50 x Item Drop Boosters

10 x Platinum Blessed Irises

10 x Platinum Super Skill Pills

10 x Platinum Adrenaline

25 x HP Stealers

25 x MP Stealers

German Costumes

A pack with 1 of every kind of German Costume.

Suggest to go to item mall and STUDY and know what each one if for. Example, you need to sp farm first, so do not use the items for leveling. You only need to use the Skill Point Boosters and Platinum Super Skill
Pills now. Also, make sure to look and see if there is a Level noted on the items too. When you first make a character, you will notice your Platinum Blessed Iris will say it is good to Level 35, or so. So pay attention to this.

Now if they send you this in a Pack, then you have no choice but to get everything at once. Reason is, if it is sent SEPERATE, then get the uniforms out, one at a time. Once uniforms are put in your inventory then the
time starts on them. There are other items such as a recall card or merchant card that the time starts when you get them in your inventory. Again, you will learn as you go.

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