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Last Chaos Dragon Weapons & Knightmare Armor (Obsolete)

NOTE: This section is obsolete now. When the level cap was Level 50, the plus cap was +10. So having a +6 weapon and +6 armor in those days was a "Big" thing. They did not have RoP so upgrading stuff was more broken then not. I just stuck with my +4 and +3 armor. The Dragon weapon and Knightmare Armor was +6 for each level, but with no seals and you could not upgrade the items. Now once they raised the plus cap to +15 then things changed. More items were available now at above +6. At level 31 you get +10 armor and +10 weapons, making this section obsolete now. But since this is still in the pet trainer section, i will have it here, till Aeria deletes it from the Pet Trainer's listing.

See Also: Making Dragon Weapons & Knightmare Armor
Dragon weapons and Knightmare armor are unique crafted weapons and armor. To craft these unique items, you will need pet components or "parts". When you have all of the required parts, you can craft the item at the Animal Trainer in any town. Be warned, as crafting is not always successful. Failing during the crafting process ruins the components and they are lost forever.

Pet Components
Pet parts/components come from harvesting pets. Basically, you take a pet to the Animal Trainer, and select "Sacrifice Pet", and if successful, you get a random pet component. Sacrificing a higher level pet does increase the chances of your success in gaining a pet componenet. You are also more likely to get one of the rarer parts from a higher level pet. But there is the catch. If you sacrifice 100 pet parts you might get one horse/dragon component. But this was made when the highest Plus was +10, so it is not worth it no more.

Uses of Dragon Weapons and Knightmare Armor
Dragon weapons will always be the same level of your character with an equivalent of a +6 upgrade. They cannot be upgraded beyond the +6 nor can they be blood sealed. One of the great things about them is that they look great. They have the effects of a weapon that has max upgrades, lots of glowing and lighting effects. There is a lot of contention surrounding the usefulness of Dragon Weapons. Your character is able to equip weapons four levels higher than their own level while the Dragon Weapons are always limited to your current level. A normal weapon can be equipped 4 levels early, but it can also be upgraded beyond +6. This adds extra bonuses as well as damage. Normal weapons can also benefit from the added effects of blood seals whereas Dragon Weapons cannot be blood sealed.

Knightmare Armor suffers the same problem as the Dragon Weapons. They are limited to your current level, are only +6 without the option to increase the upgrade and cannot be blood sealed. Though they do have the pretty effects that would normally apply to maxed armor upgrades (a very bright little fairy that hovers over your shoulder).

There uses are obsolete now. This was in the era of +10 weapons, and having a +10 weapon was rare too, lol. Now with the +10 weapons given to you at L31, why fool with this. These dragon weapons and horse armor are an obsolete item that needs to be updated. Oh, and if you do get them, think of all the money that you will waste, whereas you could have bought you a +10 items instead.

Besides that, you can not go to Ryl to change the Dragon weapons or Horse Armor. This armor or weapons are non-tradeable and you can not sell them either.

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