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People want to level real fast at times, failing to understand that power leveling means loss of sp. But the sp is in another section.

So how do we power level, and what are the pros and cons.
NOTE: LC supposedly put in a patch to prevent power leveling by others. I will have to wait and see what they have done is anything to prevent this. What they might have done is that when the 2d person teleports, then the first person would get the normal xp as if that person had never teleported. The same if you have two people in a combat party. They both kill same monster, but just before it dies the 2d one does a recall or teleport to the other person to lose the "XP aggro." I will again, be checking on this too. 14Mar08

First Method of Power Leveling
To power level, you need to be in an equal party, and within 15 levels of each other. This is the cap now, 15 levels. If you are even one level, xp can drop from 400k to 20k. Basically, the higher level person is killing a monster that the lower one could not kill. But with a little help also, the monster is killed faster and both people share in the points. This sounds like a combat party rules, but this is for Equal party now.

Say you have a level 50 and a level 35 player. The level 35 player is getting xp faster then he normally would in a solo party or any other party. The two players are withing the acceptable 15 level limit. Now the Level 50 player can kill a level 55 monster that is impossible for the level 35 to kill by himself. So normally, the lower level person will be more points then anything he could kill. The kills go faster to as the level 35 player is adding his help too.

Second Method of Power Leveling
METHOD 1 - Basically, in a 2 or 3 man party, they will coordinate on the killing order. For example, in a 2 man party, they both will hit the monster. The 2 man party may be when both are outside the 15 level cap. But, just before the monster is killed the other person will teleport back to town just before the monster is killed. The other person, will kill the monster and REAP all the experience points. Of course, having an experience scroll will give the person 150% experience. Then have a skill point booster will give 4 times the experience. So if the mob gives that person 50k xp, then with the xp scroll, it will be 75k. Then the xp booster multiplies this by 4 and 75k times 4 is 300k. But as you will find they have a level cap. I killed level 29 Orc Sergeants for 5500 sp. I used platinum super skill pill, sp booster, and the training spell book 50% sp, to get a max of 72,000 sp a kill. Never could figure out the math, as i always got a higher sp number. But I found to use the other spell book of 15% to get like 61k sp a kill, that is if you are buying the training spell books.

Now this method works, ONLY if the person being power leveled is strong enough to give the coup de grat or killing blow to the monster. Having a high upgraded weapon helps a lot if you are using this method. If not, then the monster can be slightly downgraded. This works good too if a rogue or a knight is around. They can snare or stun before going back to town.

METHOD 2 - You can also be in a 2 man combat party, but the person leveling must have recall. A combat party you get xp for the monster you kill now. So you both hit monster till it is nearly dead. Then the other person takes a recall to lose aggro. Then the other person kills the mob and gets all the xp. But I have seen people do this, but once the person leaves, then the party is equal, therefore getting equal party xp points now. Never could figure out what people see in this method now, lol.

Third Method of Power Leveling

Now this method is tricky indeed. Now this is obsolete because of the Tomb now. But you might try this when you are bored. The Grave is also a high level quest also. In Eghea they have Devil's Grave which you can hit for xp. The graves do not hit back. The person will have to be shown where it is at. Also, make sure the person who is to be power leveled has a "Safe Spot" on his memory scroll in case he needs to go to town. Yes, monsters abound around too. Anyway, the person can just hit the grave till it is "Killed." Then waits around till it spawns back and starts all over again. I have seen level 30 people hitting it. Now a person may be too low to hit and do damage to the Devil's Grave too. If that is the case then wait a few levels before you come back again.

What is good about this spot, is that a lower level person does not have to worry about being hit back. Just make sure that person is aware of the monsters around him now. This Devil"s Grave are no good for pet leveling as pet points are only given if the monster can hit back. BUT you can set all the pet points on the attack skill.

Fourth Method of Power Leveling (Self-Leveling) or the Loco Method

In a matter of speaking, you could say this is power leveling. But in this method it requires money to buy ap or a lot of gold to buy the stuff you need and the experience and patient to do it.. It also requires that you not get yourself killed too. That is possible through experience. Remember, you die you lose xp and ap. That is why I always have a scroll of Resurrection on at all times. So if you sp farming, start buying all the Scrolls of Resurrection that you can now.

I bought certain things with ap. I tried to buy the Item Mall packs that contain Chaos Balls when they had the 2 for 1 sales. That is how I got my PBI and xpb now. The chaos balls always paid off for me now. I needed critical potions, power potions, and platinum adrenaline. This can get a little bit expensive. Read the section "Item Mall and AP." Basically, i tried to buy ap when they had bonus ap and then buy the bogo items like Buy One, Get One free or even with the 50% rebates.

Anyway, you are using all these pots to help you self level. I did it only because of the Tomb. After, you reach level 32, this is the last level that you can kill the Level 29 Orc Sergeants and get more xp then outside the Prokion Temple. The next steps depend on the armor and level of weapon with upgrades. With low upgraded armor it will take you longer then say someone with +15 armor. But these are just the basics and you have to adjust to them accordingly. The next step after leveling out of the Prokion Temple will be the Speerman. Again, I was a Templar Knight with high defense so I could go to them early. Of course, i used Item Mall pots to aid me killing them. If you can not kill the Speerman by the tomb, then you will have to work yourself up to a level where you can. Again, if you do not have Item Mall items, it will just take you a little longer. But save any pbi or xpb that you run across. You want to use these in the tomb when you can solo the level 100 Screaming Zombies. Don't let the level fool you. They are high level but with a weaker defense. At level 49, I killed 4 zombies, with pbi and xpb, and leveled. But I could have not killed ANY level 100 creature on the outside, even with max armor and max potions.

So from Prokion Temple, to Speerman, to level 100 Zombies. This is only if you have the armor and sp to buy from the item mall. Be patience and buy their BOGO items or rebate ones. That is how i was able to level fast. Then if you can not kill Speerman, then work your way up slowly. Remember to shop and sell to buy stuff to kill now. Go to Strayana to buy the Great Mana Potions now at the Merchant.

I never have seen a need for power leveling as this by passes making sp for your skills. But some people want to level fast to acquire a new skill and plan to get their sp later. There are also certain people who have power leveled forsaking any sp whatsoever just to attain a high level.

But there is one thing. Do not power level till at least you are level 35. The reason being, is that you will going to the infamous Eghea "Demon Parties" or "Bogle parties." Here is where you can really power level per se. Before in Merac or Dratan, you may have gotten like possibly 100k a kill. But in Eghea, the number may be 300k to 600k a kill, and that is for starting off at Bogle parties. The Demon parties may start from 600k on up now, depending on number in the party and levels. I thought i was a high roller getting like 800k a kill. At level 37, I went on one demon party and was making about 5% a kill. But that only took me about 2 hours to level up as it went quick. I just wanted to level to get my new skill, Triple Bash at level 38. Then when I did, I spent a whole week in jail sp farming to get the level 5.

NOTE: With the tomb, power leveling took a whole different approach. Now it is possible to self level yourself, with no need to go to Egeha, like in the old days. As Egeha was the only place you could go to get BIG xp. Now, you can kill the speerman around the Tomb. When you get ready or high enough , you can get a party to kill the zombies at the entrance. I was a level 49 TK when i went inside the Tomb. I used PBI and xpb, and 4 kills later, I leveled. Now that is better then anything in Egeha. The tomb monsters have less defense then the mob outside so do not let the level fool you. But what is good, is that you get level 100 xp from them. It is easy once you can kill a zombie by yourself, to go in the Tomb and work your way up the levels. Again, this is faster then the Demon Parties. You can solo and go when you want to the Tomb, whereas Egeha you had to wait around and then see who was going to pay to get there.

Remember, I said to make yourself a pet trainer first. This is why. By the time you get ready to go to the Tomb, you can have a high level pet to use by then. The extra offense and defense skills of the pet will help in the Tomb. And if you had to you could sell one of the pets you are training for gold to buy pbi and xpb. Then the original pet with your main, you could transfer over to train to a higher level. But make sure you have a GOOD friend to help transfer too. I am on Sarissa and will always be more then willing to help.

Incidentally, you may consider buying a greatest experience potion. This give you 30% more experience and last for 7 days. And to top it off you can buy one of the value experience potions, the small lasts 1 hour, the medium, 3 hours, and the large lasts 7 hours. This potions stack with the greatest experience potion. Be forewarned that they do not stack with Platinum or Blessed Iris. And if you have a xp booster that even works better.

So now you know how to power level, but remember when you go to Eghea you can power level then. The cons are that there is minimal sp earned. In Eghea, sp is usually 1 sp. Remember, if it is a red name or yellow name, you get more xp and minimal sp, when you kill it. White names at your level you will get the max of 1100 sp after level 20. Green names are a little less xp and a little less sp also.

You can now self level in the Tomb. You can still get help to power level to make it faster, if anything, but no longer need of waiting for someone to help you now. You should have put in for free ap and done shopping to buy you the pbi and xpb to use here. This is where it will really pay off using pbi and xpb. 10 pbi and 100 xpb will level you faster in the Tomb then if you were to use them say at level 30. So heed my advice, and wait.

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