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Seems everyone does not know about the one piece of armor you can meld to your armor. What is really great is there is not a time limit on the meld either!! Just read the sections on how to get the sunglasses and how to use them.

Steps to getting Sunglasses.

1. In the directory click PATCH NOTES, and then click again, the following:

Last Chaos Weekly Patch Notes

Now this takes you to the LC forum patch notes. On any section, click where it says GET CONNECTED

Want some free sunglasses for your toon? GET CONNECTED and join your Facebook account with your Aeria Games account.

The rest is to follow instructions. If you do not have a facebook account, you will have to creat one to get your sunglasses now.

What to do, once you get the Sunglasses.

OK, you got your sunglasses for your toon now. Treat them like the regular armor you could meld from long ago. Then if you are new follow these steps.

1. Make sure the helm you want to meld to, does not have any PRS on it. If so, then you have to wait for the PRS to wear off.

2.Now the following options you can take depending on what you want to do now

A. Now if your helm is +14, you need either a +1 Bonus Meld Book to get it to +15 or
a +2 Bonus meld book to get your helm to +16 or a +3 bonus meld book to get your
helm to +17.

B. Now the lowest upgrading would be if your helm is a +12 then you would need a +3 Bonus meld book to get +15. You want +15 to get the bonus defense.

C. The maximum plus is +17. If you have a +16 helm and use either the +2 or +3 bonus meld book, then again, +17 is the max plus you will get, even though you applied a greater Plus book. Also you would have wasted a good Bonus Meld book.


3. Some good things to know about your sunglasses.

A. Once you meld your sunglasses to your helm, there is no time limit that the meld will wear off.
B. You can use the Unmeld book, then use sunglasses to meld to your next higher level of helm. The following above rules still apply.

NOTE: I forgot how I got my sunglasses and/or how many i got. Someone said there was one for every class, and again, i do not know. Just make sure when you get them to transfer to your main character that will use them. The sunglasses may come as a package with
all the classes. Then they are probably non tradeable so you can not put in inventory to give to another too. So you will then delete them as the extras are useless now.

Another thing, if you can not get sunglasses, then use the phoenix helm to meld the book. That is what someone else said they did. I have not checked this method out, so it is just hearsay at the moment.

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