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1. When you start the first few levels, you have to learn the controls and stuff. Read the "Blog of Leveling" now, as that will fill in a lot of parts that I will talk about. Anyway, you want to hit any monster except blue and red. The blue are so low that you get minimal points. The red name monsters may be too high and you get killed.

2. From Level 1 to level 10, if you die you do not lose xp or sp. (xp = experience points. sp=skill points) When you look at your stats, you will see stat points. You go to your Master to get skills. ALWAYS get the passive skills now. Anyway, you can see how many points you need for the next skill you want.

3. You can make up to 4 characters in one account. So, if you are disappointed in what you did or messed up, start over. You go to the storekeeper and put ALL your character's stuff there, gold, armor, weapons, and dirty underwear there. You start a new character and then the new one can get all the old character's stuff. If you decide to change class, you can sell the other stuff. It takes 24 hours, real time, till your character will be deleted. So in this time frame, you can go back and Undelete that character.

4. So, you can not do PvP until you reach level 16 now. So no one can kill you till then, players that is. Butat level 5, you can start getting the armor now. Makes it easier to kill. Learn how to smelt now to get the + for your weapon.

5. When you are level 10, make sure you get a guardian. If you play a few hours a week or a lot , if you make level 20 in 10 days you get an event weapon.

From Level 1 to Level 9, you can do quests and stuff to have a good time, playing the game. No need to worry about xp and sp. When you get up to level 20, you will more then make up any "XP" you thought you might have lost at the low levels.

If you are same level of monster in the Velpist Temple in Randol, you will get 3300 sp. Level 10 monster is the lowest level in the Velpist Temple. Then 5500 sp in the Prokion Temple, in Dratan. The Prokion Temple monsters starts off at Level 17 (Ghouls).

So you will find that Level 10 Velpist Temple monster gives you more xp and sp, then the surrounding outside monsters. This applies for the Prokion Temple which gives you 5500 sp. Look at some of the quests now as some just give you xp and gold. I found some not worth it, for just gold and xp now.

Now in the Velpist Temple in Randol you can level as follows getting 3300 sp now. Remember to get the 3300 sp is when you and the monster are at the same level. As you notice when the monster is one level higher or lower you get a small drop in sp/

Levels 10 to 13, wandering zombies.

Levels 14 and 15, both ancient zombies and wandering zombies.

Levels 16 to 19, ancient zombies and berserk zombies

Like being in a solo party at all times is always valid. Then joining a level 6 guild or above to donate xp so you do not have to kill yourself no more. I plan to get to level 29. At level 29, I can use a level 33 weapn. Then I will sp farm for a couple of months. When I get my desired 9k of sp, then I can just level without any worry of sp farming. You find that monsters at same level as you are easy to kill now. So again, waste of time to get level 25-27 armor greater then +3. Of course, I plan to get a second character, knight of course, to level and maybe get a HS. I definitely need a weapon better then Level 33+3 to kill faster. One reason as i spend a couple of hours a week now. But I can hack away with the +3 now.

Now at level 12 you may want to TRY to go to fight the level 17 ghouls in the Temple. BUT if you are having a hard time due to armor or weapon problems, then sp and level in the Velpist Temple. When you hit level 15. then you should have just a little problem going against the level 17 ghouls now.

At level 17 you fight ghouls in the Prokion Temple. and you can start getting 5500 sp per kill. When you level to 18 then you get 5225 sp until you level again and then you fight the mummies(level 19) to get back to 5500 sp. Note: make sure you have lots of pet food as they like your pets on the platter , as is. lol

Looking at the maps for the Velpist Temple and Prokion Temple, you can see the levels of monster there and also their location.
NOTE;Basically, at about level 6 you can hunt in the Prokion Temple killing the level 10 zombies just inside the temple doors. But remember to do the quests too as you will need certain skills like mining, cutting herbs, and collecting energy. Otherwise, you have to spend sp to get the basic 1st level skill. At about level 12 or a little higher your armor is good you can start at the Prokion Temple now.

Well you are playing along slowly learning the game. Here is where you can make extra sp and also catch up on getting the general and passive skills caught up to your level.

First - Make sure you are ALWAYS in a solo party. A "solo party" is where you are in a party, but away from everyone else on the radar screen. This way you are fighting by yourself, BUT you are getting the maximumLast Chaos Level 12 Strategy Tips xp and sp from each monster you kill. If you notice that when you are not in a party, the xp and sp varies from kill to kill. But in a solo party, you will have the exact same xp and sp for each same monster you kill, as this is the maximum xp and sp you can get.

Press G, and then at the bottom click Automatic Party Registration. Then in the next window there are two things you can do. First go to the "Parties recruiting members." Try to get in one of the parties listed. If there are none or you can not get on one, then go to the "Party Member Registration." You have 3 choices for a party: Equal, Precedence, or Combat. For now you want to register Equal Party. Now if there are members registered already, you can click them to see if they want a solo party too. People usually register here when no parties are available waiting for someone else to come along so they can do a solo party with also. If not, just register equal, and then every 10 minutes or solo, check to see if anyone else is on.

If you can have a buddy withing 10 levels then you both go into combat party mode. You get approximately 25% more then soloing now.
Big 5 TIP - Not worried about sp but need xp. Then have a buddy and you go into a combat party.; Then your buddy goes into a "blind spot." Like if you are in the Temple he would go against the wall where he could not get hit by the Monster. You will not get the 25% xp extra because you are not getting any bonus when your buddy kills a monster. What you do is to kill a monster in solo mode. Kill a monster and him too in combat mode. Then while in combat mode, your buddy hides and you kill one monster. Check out the differences now. Hea, every little bit of xp helps now. Then you can charge your buddy for all the FREE xp and sp he will get from you now. LMAO Yes I have done this, but learned it by accident. As I am always looking to improve.

Max sp of 3300 in the Velpist Temple and 5500 sp in the Prokion Temple for the monster when you are both the same level now.

Level 1 - Fox 1100 [Juno]
Level 2 - Wolf 1650 [Juno]
Level 3 - Elder Wolf 1650 [Juno]
Level 4 - Desert Fox 1650 [Dratan], Berserk Wolf 1485 [Juno]
Level 5 - Berserk Wolf 1567 [Juno]
Level 6 - Berserk Wolf 1650 [Juno]
Level 7 - Goblin Soldier 1925 [Dratan], Jaguar 1567 [Juno]
Level 8 - Jaguar 1650 [Juno]
Level 9 -
Level 10 - Wandering Zombie 3300 [Velpist temple - Juno] [, Elite Goblin 1828 [Dratan]

Level 11 - Elite Goblin [Dratan] 1925
Level 12 - Ghouls ( lvl 17 )5500 [Prokion Temple - Dratan] - Kill Ghouls until u are lvl 19 Sasquatch [Juno] 1925
Level 13 - Sasquatch [Juno] 1732, Larva [Dratan]1650
Level 14 - Little Treant [Juno] 1567, Larva [Dratan]1485
Level 15 - Little Treant [Juno] 1650, Sasquatch [Juno] 1347
Level 17 - Ghouls 5500 [Prokion Temple - Dratan] - Kill Ghouls until u are lvl 19,
Level 18- Drakes (Juno) . Time/xp/sp ratio is better then killing other monsters. You kill fast and do not get hit much
Level 19 - Mummy (Prokion Temple) 5500
Level 23 - Orc Soldier (Prokion Temple) 5500

As you can see, the sp gradually goes down as you level on the same monster. So for a brief space of time, with your main character, you would collect the sp for your general and passive skills while you are at level 10. You might be glad later that you maxed out the dungeon skill as that is a lifesaver when you go to the personal dungeon. The skill is useful, until when you reach level 66 in which you are out of range of going into the dungeon. At the level 3 dungeon, the kamira at the end has been known to drop +4 weapons now.

Now here is the trick. Make a note of what skills, general and passive, that you need to catch up to your level. Also note, how many sp you get say for every 5% of xp you get from killing the the level 10 zombie or level 23 Orc. For a passive skill you may need 20 sp. When you get the 20 sp, you can stop go get it and come back to kill some more. Now when you reach 90%, you should have an ideal of how much sp you get for every 5% of xp. Then you can see how much xp you will get before you can get that sp for your skill. But you do not want to level yet. You time it so you will get say 95% xp or less to get your next skill. Then get your skill so you will have no sp left, and then kill yourself, so you are low enough to get your next skill. (obsolete now as you can join a level 6 guild and donate xp now). Again, joining a level 6 guild saves you the trouble of killing yourself now as you can donate the xp to the guild. But this is good to know both ways incase you have trouble finding a level 6 guild. Some guilds have a level requirement too.

Say for every 5% xp you get 7 sp. (Numbers are made up now and will vary for you). The next skill you need requires 25 sp. Then you kill yourself about 4 times. You want to have a 5% lee way too. So at 95% xp, you would kill yourself, 4 times and you might be at 75%. This will enable you to get the 25 sp without leveling. You continue to do this until you are caught up on all your general and passives skill. Some people spend a little extra time here, saving sp for future skills. Go to the Master for your class and you can see what sp you would need.

One reason that you may do this sp farming at Level 10 or Level 23 is that the higher you go the harder it is to gather sp. At level 20, is where the sp max starts at 1100 sp for Randol and about 1375 sp for Dratan. I have not yet checked out Merac yet. So at level 23 with the Orc Soldiers in the Prokion Temple is 5500 sp now, which is better then killing a level 23 monster in Dratan for say 1375 sp.

So starting at Level 10, is one level you can easily get the sp you need and to take advantage of it while you are at it. At certain levels, you will "sp farm" to get certain skills you want. I had to spend a whole week sp farming to get the sp necessary to get level 5 for my Royal knight skill, Triple Bash (in the old days). Do not get drawn to the "dark side" of power leveling. Everyone wants to go to Eghea, where you can level from level 37 to level 38 in an hour or so. I did it. Seems people want to power level but later on you will have to sp farm to get those skills you may need, sooner or later.

There is one more thing I may add. If you want a pet trainer, go ahead and level him to whatever level you want to pet train. Then have a 3d Knight, and he will stay at level 23 like forever. The 3d knight will just sp farm at the Prokion Temple on Orc Soldiers till you get ALL your crafting skills that you want. This is something I had never thought about till recently. I was sp farming with my pet trainer when I saw the "light." Have another character stay on the monster with the most sp, Orc Soldiers at 5500 sp. Why I never thought of this before who knows. But wish i had done this earlier. But something for you to look at now.

For quests for level 1-30, I suggest to skip certain questions that only offer gold and xp. Like hunting werewolves I think at level 17 was not that good. I found that killing drakes was better. Again you have to experiment and then do what you feel comfortable with.

With the new patch out, you can sp on the zombies in the Velpist Temple in Randol and get 3300 sp. Trick is to get in a level 6 guild, so you can donate your xp and then you do not have to go to the trouble of killing yourself, so you will not level. Get enough sp for the next couple of levels, then power level to level 23 if you can, then sp farm in the Prokion Temple in Merac and get 5500. REMEMBER, when the monster is your level , they are easy to kill now.

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