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Mounts can be one of the most rewarding elements of Last Chaos and sooner or later, you are going to wantGolden vs Orange color pet to get yourself a mount. The two mounts available are a Dragon Mount and a Knightmare. Both of these are the final evolution process for pets. A pet can be mounted at Levels 31+. Any pet below this level is too young to be trained as a mount. You can train a pet into a mount by selecting the mount training option at the animal trainer in any town.

Benefits of Having a Mount
Mounts travel across the lands at a much faster pace than a character on foot. Having a mount also allows you to return to town at anytime for free and without the use of a recall or memory scroll. Mounts have skills that are as useful it not more useful than pets. The Knightmare offensive and defensive hauling skills increase the physical attack and defense of not only your character but of other players in your party. The Dragon Mount is the only stage and pet that can actively "attack" foes. It has both Dragon breath (an AoE fire attack) and poison breath attack. The Dragon also has access to an enemy de-buff that lowers the attack rate and value of mobs. But most importantly, mounts look darn cool!

Using Mounts in Combat
You cannot attack from the back of your mount. It is a shame, but it doesn't mean the mount is useless in combat. Knightmares are able to de-buff the attack and defense of parties. Dragons can deal devastating AoE breath attacks.

Level 31: To Mount or not to Mount?
A pet takes an incredibly long time to get to Level 31 and when you get to this level with your pet, the urge to mount it is overwhelmingly strong. Mounting the pet at Level 31 may seem like a good idea, but you may find yourself wishing later that you hadn't mounted the pet. So why wait before mounting your pet? Well, if you mount a pet it stops gaining experience, levels, and technical points. Mounting the pet at higher levels means more points to spend on skills. The technical points play a vital part in the skills and usefulness of your mount. Not being able to achieve the level cap of a mount skill can be frustrating and often means that your mount is less "powerful" than the mounts of other players. It is always worth remembering that the max pet level attainable is 60, though the time and effort to get a pet to Level 60 is mind-boggling. Once you have trained a pet to be a mount, it can only be reverted back to a pet by using a pet mount retraining card obtained from the item mall. But basically if you level a mount past Level 37, you do not get any additional benefits. So a Level 37 mount and a level 60 mount will help you the same on pet skills.

Best Level to Mount a Pet
There is no "best" level to mount a pet. It completely depends on what you want and expect from your mount. Most people will say the best level to mount a horse into a Knightmare is Level 37 or 38. At Level 37 you will retain 36 technical points, just enough to max out the two party buff skills (offensive and defensive hauling). At Level 38, you can spend the extra point on crying, a skill that has only one available level that aggros all enemies within its range. The only other Knightmare skill (HP/MP up) is often discarded as useless as it only applies while your character is riding the mount.

Dragon mounts are more complicated and it really depends on what you want to do. If you intend to PvP a lot with your Dragon mount, then it can be worth investing a lot of time in leveling the pet to a level where it can max out at least three of the skills.

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