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Last Chaos Pet Experience and Leveling

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One of the most important things about a pet is its experience and abilitiy to grow, develop, and level. A pet gains experience only when it is equipped. It cannot gain experience simply by being in a player's inventory. An equipped pet will gain experience when your character is in combat. For roughly every 2-4 hits against a foe, the equipped pet will gain 1 experience point. When your pet has gained the required amount ofLast Chaos Pet Experience and Leveling experience, the pet will gain a level and receive 1 technical point. You can see how much experience is required for your pet to level in the Pet Menu. Experience will be shown as "current experience/experience required". You will also be able to see any unspent technical points in the pet menu.

Technical points are used to purchase skills for your pet. To purchase pet skills, you will need to talk to the Animal Trainer NPC in Randol or Dratan. Talking to the Animal Trainer will present you with a menu of pet actions. If you want to buy pet skills, select the "Pet Training" option. From here you will be able to use technical points to purchase pet skills (social skills or "commands" do not require technical points as they are completely free to unlock.
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Pet Experience & Level Chart

Once a pet has been trained to become a mount, it will no longer gain experience. A pet that has died or become sealed cannot gain experience until it is unsealed. If you have allowed your pet to starve and it is refusing to move, it will not gain experience either. Pets will not gain experience if the enemy's name is blue (of a lower level than your character). The enemy must have a green, white, orange, or red name for your pet to gain experience from your combat.

If your pet has been killed, you may note that trying to equip the dead pet will give you a message on the left side above chat box saying something like " your pet will recover in 12 hours, 00 minutes." This is 12 hours of real time in combat. So if you are really broke you can do 12 hours of combat to unseal your pet. If you try to fight for 6 hours figuring you only will pay half the price to unseal or revive your pet, you will find that you still pay full price.

Using Pet experience potions

Your pet gains 1 pet experience point for every 3-4 hits on a mob. The number of hits depends on the class as I have found out.

If you use a regular pet experience potion, your pet points double for every round of hits. If you use the Platinum pet Experience potion then you get 3 times the pet experience points. This means in Double pet experience points using a Platinum Experience potion will get you 6 times the points. Then the regular pet experience potion is 4 times

P2 Pet Leveling

These pets gain experience like you do, by every kill you make. So again, the higher the monster you kill the higher the % of xp you get for your pet. If you go to the Animal Trainer you will have to pay. You used to go to the Archbishop and get revived for free, but no more.

One way noted, as I have seen this numerous times used, is if you are hugging the wall to help a friend out say for a combat party, then have your P2 pet out. Then when in a party, someone makes a kill, then the P2 pet a Scrat-chi or other P2 Pet will level slowly. Then just a matter of coming back in a few hours to feed your pet.

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Leering Level 21 night help. 6 Nov 24 2012, 9:00 PM EST by DonnieC.Lankford
Thread started: Dec 30 2010, 9:17 AM EST  Watch
Ok so I made a Lvl 21 Knight to level my pet and put all my points on constitution. I maxed Vitality and Candid. But no matter what I always kill the mosters to fast...
The only thing I can do is use a tool so my attacks are slowed down and that seemed to extened it.

Is there anything I could do?

Also is there anything you recommend I do?
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kinnethor faster Xp (page: 1 2) 24 Nov 5 2009, 7:02 AM EST by 5fingers
Thread started: Apr 5 2008, 4:17 AM EDT  Watch
is there a way or something I can buy (other than the aeria points XP pill) that will make my pet's Xp come faster? because it is really slow...
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Crystalasia Help? 1 Aug 16 2009, 8:13 AM EDT by 5fingers
Thread started: Aug 14 2009, 11:11 AM EDT  Watch
I'm a healer, and im lvl 15. I have a pet dragon hatchling at lvl 1. I train on elders and sometimes drakes,
but my pet XP never goes up...well, not much anyway. The other day i went on a drake hunt. After killing about 20-ish Drakes, i looked at my pet XP. IT HAD ONLY GONE UP A TINY BIT!

Basically, i need something to kill easily, and something that lvls my pet up quickly. Any help would be appreciated, thanks!
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