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In order to level your pet, you must attack monsters while you pet is equipped. A pet does not level up on the number of monsters killed and the difficulty of killing it like characters do. Instead, pets level up based on how many hits you have gotten in while it has been equipped. A pet will get one experience point every three hits or four hits. You can determine how many experience points your pet needs and how many experience points your pet has by pressing the D key on your keyboard or pressing the yellow button in the upper right hand corner of your pet's health and hunger bars. The first method to pet leveling merely involves having your pet equipped while you kill animals and monsters for skill point farming or leveling yourself. The second method only benefits your pet's experience, but it is faster and easier than the previous method.
Warning: Your pet will not get any experience points if you kill blue named monsters

The First Method

Pros: benefits your character and your pet
Cons: slower, greater possibility of your pet getting hurt

The first method is simple to understand. All you have to do is equip your pet by dragging the pet icon in the inventory, into the
lowest box in the column on the left hand side of the currently equipped items. After this, you may kill monsters. Red-named monsters, white-named monsters, go crazy. If you are in a field or section where there are aggressive monsters, beware, as they might go after your pet. Two monsters, the clever fox of the desert, and the silver fox of the desert will always attack your pet first. So, I highly recommend not keeping you pet equipped while killing these monsters. The rest of the aggressive monsters will go after either you or your pet, depending on which one is in their "attack range." Some monsters will attack you instead
of your pet if they are aggro-aided and you are attacking one of their kind.

The Second Method

Pros: faster, lesser to no possibility of your pet getting hurt
Cons: does not benefit your character

The second method is a bit more complicated. You will use a Knight character now. If you use another character, the basics here are the same now.

1) First equip your pet

2) Make sure all your armor is equipped. You will have a shield equipped and NO weapon. You will hit the monster with your fists now. Now if your armor has blood seals on them, then go to Merchant Geres and buy a purification stone to take the blood seals off. But do so, if they are OFFENSIVE seals. If the seals are defensive, you can leave them in place. Also, any accessories that have any kind of attack stats on them, you will not need. Remember you want to hit the monster with the least attack now, so it will not die. You will also find that having dexterity stats may effect your hitting too. Just be aware of this now.

3) This part is tricky now. You will proceed to start with a monster, one level above you, to start training on. You will hit the monster with your fists. You will first notice if the monster is able to regenerate points fast enough so as not to die. Of course, this will fail, then you have to look at the monster guide and get the next level of monster. You proceed to do this until you can hit a monster and the monster will not die. This is a trial and error method now. Do not get the monsters that are pet killers now. Also, you will have to get a monster that will not kill you either. Again, this is trial and error.

4) Once you have figure out what monster to pet train on, then it is all downhill and easy. When you are not leveling, then go pet train. One important reason to pet train too, is to get a high level pet for your main character. If by chance you ever level to level 37, your main character should get it, and use it for his mount, preferable a Horse mount. Then the pet for your main can be either horse or dragon. I like a dragon pet versus a horse pet now. Just a matter of opinion and they are both they same now as far as their defense and attack skills are concerned. But the Level 37 mount is a horse because of its defensive and offensive buffs you can get.

What I have is a Level 26 knight, with +3 armor, and no accessories. I find that I can train on a level 34 beserker now. When my pet was leveling at level 28, my AFK time was around 4 hours till I had to feed again. I got one pet to level 29 and my main is using that one now. When I get the other two horse to level 29, then I will take my knight to level 27 and try to find what monster I can level on now.

TIP: Pet Training in the jail with the canine has changed. I was able to train their then about Feb 09, a patch changed something, that I was getting killed now, even with +10 armor, Hmmm, and that is strange too. Gotta figure out what to do. I liked my L32 TK pet trainer, cuz I could train from L1 pet to level 37 pet with transferring pets. Now I might have to make another pet trainer to figure out what level I can train on, before i get to the jail. It is rough now, LOL Remember patches change things, so be flexible.

You can pet train in the Lustrum Tower in Egeha, 8th floor. Trick there is that only characters that can use long range weapons can pet train there. If your character can use a long range weapon, such as a Rogue Assassin, then buy the bow and use it for pet training only now.

Addendum: This section is for plain pet training without regard to being AFK. This methods here are such that you will have to be at your keyboard or else you, the pet, or monster will die. As there are many methods of pet leveling, depending, on what you wish to accomplish. This method would be good, if you do so on your main character.

Below is a link to pet training in which you can learn how to be AFK while pet leveling. This is simply another way of saying, to be gone the longest time from your computer before your pet gets hungry and needs to be feed. Again, it's trial and error, as to what armor you need to kill any monster, without killing yourself, the pet, or the monster now.

Remember, the better player learns all the different methods to level him or his pet. You have to be flexible and change, as the game rules changes always be ready.

Hope this helps you in your quest for a mount (knightmare or dragon). Have fun!

Suggested Links: Pets/Mounts, Pet Training

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LadyHarmonixer Pet Leveling 3 Oct 17 2009, 3:10 PM EDT by 5fingers
Thread started: Oct 16 2009, 6:12 PM EDT  Watch
Never thought of attacking green named mobs without a weapon(NEWBIE ALERT lol),something to try. I usually equipped really good armor and a really low level weapon (I've been equipping my level 33 rogue with +10 armor and thorn blades with no +) then went for the mobs. I think it has similar results to the bare-fisted technique, but maybe just a little slower to level.
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Crystalasia What should i kill? 5 Aug 19 2009, 3:16 PM EDT by 5fingers
Thread started: Aug 15 2009, 8:23 AM EDT  Watch
I have a Pony which is lvl 1. My healer is lvl 15.

I attack elder warewolves WITH my bow, but i att Sasquatches WITHOUT mostly.
I have no idea if that's a good idea or not, and, as i've said before on a different thread, i need to lvl my pet up quickly.

Any help would be GREATLY appreciated., Ty!
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cookie1031 Bit of a tip 2 Jun 24 2009, 5:08 AM EDT by 5fingers
Thread started: Jun 23 2009, 7:13 PM EDT  Watch
I have a lvl 20 healer that is excellent for pet levelling. Arcane knowledge is maxed and so is rise focus.
Make sure to have 3 good accessories of defense and have your armor upgraded and if possible, brought to a +3
Unequip your bow and beat on Little Treants. They are green, and they don't inflict damage and you don't hit hard enough to make them die. Make sure it's alone so others will not aggro to you. I've gotten my lvl 3 pony to lvl 31 in 2 days using 2 monsters- 2 because the game shut down for maint. :P
Good luck to everyone!
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