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Last Chaos Guide: Quests

Note: You might check at the LC wetpaint site for new quests. last chaos wetpaint guide
Major patch on June 21, 2011. That means new quests will be out. Again check with wetpaint site. I have started a Level 1 toon to at least get the quests from Level 1 to Level 31 done. Just the basics.
Major patch on December , 2012. That means new quests will be out. Again check with wetpaint site. I have started a Level 1 toon to at least get the quests from Level 1 to Level 31 done. Just the basics. So probably
might be some new changes again so bear with it. When i get done then the June 2011 patch note will be deleted.

Quests are available throughout most of the game, rewarding you with experience, gold, items, or a combination of these. As you gain levels, different quests will become available. Most quests are acquired from NPCs, but there are a few that will pop up in a flashing box to the right of your screen. Clicking on the box will open the quest and allow you to review, accept, or reject it. All quests have a minimum required level and a maximum level. For instance, a quest that says "level 5-8" means you must be level 5 or above, but no higher than level 8. If you reach level 9, without either accepting or finishing the quest, then the quest will be deleted automatically. Some quests may also require you to have completed a previous quest or task or to have reached a set amount of experience.

This guide will help you understand and complete the various quests presented to you during the game. New quests have been added since about May 2010 and more in September so they may not be posted yet. Too much material being added.


A. New level 20 quest in which each class will get an accessory from their class master. Acquired from blinking bubble at the right

B. At L31, you get a free set of L30-32 +10 armor and 2 - L33 Weapons +10. The 2 weapons will cover either class that you change into. You also get a P2 horse too. But remember, it is better to get a pet, horse or drake, to level for their buffs. You can level the P2 horse later, once you understand how to do it. The P2 horse is just basically, something you can ride on and it is a little faster then you running, though not as fast as a Horse mount. At level 60, you receive the L60-62 armor and 2 - L61 +5 for all. Note, at Level 31, is the level you get to change to one of the two classes for your class. Make sure to check ahead of time, as most have certain skills you need to learn to change in to the class you want. At L50 , if you have guardian, you get L50x set +10 and 2 weapons +10, all are non tradeable so beware if you decide to upgrade now.

Make sure to have a guardian as at Level 50 you get free L50-52 armor +10 and 2 level 49 +10 weapons. They come in a package. So make sure to have 7 spaces and also the weight is about 90%. What u can do is to put your old armor in storage then click the package to get the armor and weapons.

C. Make sure to join a Level 6 Guild or higher to Lock your xp when you go sp farming. The xp lock is now 50%, so you might want to think of locking your xp as soon as possible. Hint, L12 Sasquatch really gives good SP now. So if you can get a lock at Level 1 if you can.

D. So when you are sp farming at the sasquatch area by Hunter Dranore, Here is the Strategy. First find a server where no one is at the Sasquatch. Then once you find it, then Click the Platinum Super Skill Pill or PSSP. You DO NOT need Elizabeth's buff now. Then precede for 1 hour at the Sasquatch. You get 5 free PSSP, so try to use all at the Sasquatch. Then at Level 16 you will switch to L30 Elder drakes for sp now.

E. New characters get a starter pack:

5 - PBI
Platinum Blessed Iris, which gives you triple the experience points, Suggest to use this after you finish sp farming, Note the level limit
5 - PSSP
Platinum Super Skill Pill, which gives you, 3 times skill points) Suggest to use when sp farming
1 - Mercenary Card
This has a time limit on it now. So look at the top right of window for the time and on your card.
When you click this from your inventory, you get a random mob. From L140-L165. The mob will fight with you attacking any mobs you do. Suggest to use this after you have finished sp farming. Also, note the Last level you can use the mob too. So you can not save the card for L40 or sell it.
1- Juno NPC Scroll
Get this from a quest
This is a teleportation scroll. You can teleport to ANY of the NPCs listed on the Juno scroll versus running to them. It also has a mob list, so you can see where the various mobs are on the Map. At the merchant in Randol, you can buy NPC scrolls for the other zones which makes life so much easy. Then at anytime if you click the NPC scroll, you can see at the end of the names, either a Q for Quest or an A for to turn in a quest.
You can not sell or trade the starter pack items. You need to note also, the Level limits for the items too.

You can buy PBI, really cheap in the item mall for Levels 1 -90, if you have the money to buy AP (Aeria Points. After Level 90, you have to buy the regular PBI. Regular PBI on Sarissa is around 20 million gold. The other PBI with levels from L1-29, L 30-59, and L 60 - 90, selling in the for around 1 million. Prices are more or less now. Remember, leveling 5 hours with a PBI is like leveling at 15 hours WITHOUT a PBI.

When i make a comment of "Cheat Note", this means if you do not take note of what I say, you are cheating yourself. This is NOT, how to hack or "Cheat" on LC. I was an Army instructor, and used this to tell students, they are cheating themselves if they did not take note of what I was saying. Example, was you always do a precheck of weapons and ammo before you go out on patrol, just before.

Make sure to go to the Sunday quiz. It is at 1230pm , PST or California Time in the USA

F. By getting a guardian by Level 19, then when you reach Level 20 within 10 days, you now get TWO Level 21 event weapons +15. These are the ones I suggest to use for sp farming at Level 27. Also, if you have the L33 +10 weapon, then equip it and the Event weapon, and notice which one has MORE attack on it. If you are a part-time player, then get guardian at L19 to ensure you make L20 within the 10 day time frame to get the free event weapons.

G. Read the STRATEGY GUIDE, "Beginner's Guide to Leveling." This covers the basics to Level 20, from getting a pet and feeding it, to how to get FREE +21 weapons.

Also, on some quests, I have put a NOTE to the strategy or tips on how to easily do the quest.

QuestsHow to Obtain Quests, Quest Log & Quest Inventory
Level 1-10 Quest List

Level 11-20 Quest List
Level 21-30 Quest List

Level 31-40 Quest List
Level 41-50 Quest List

Monster Drops
Level 60+ Quest List

Quests L100 - 139
Tairen Quests, L160 - L 175

Last Chaos Quest Guide

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