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NOTE: Jun 09, xp lock for sp farming is at 50%now.
About Oct 2010, sp and xp changes were made. The strategy may be the same but the sp and xp may be off.
Now with a Guardian and you reach L20, you get a L21 +15 Event Weapon, better then the L33+10 free weapon
given at Level 31.

by WyDale88

Here are a few ways that I did my sp farming at Prokion Shrine.

I started off my knight at level 21. My experience was locked by my guild master (GM) and I sp farmed on the ghouls and mummies till i had built up, I think 2300-2700 sp. Then my GM unlocked my experience so i could level to 23 then locked me again to farm on Orc soldiers and fighters till i had built up an additional 2000 sp. I then went to the Master Knight and maxed what passive skills I could and a few of my active skills. The key to this is do your passive skills first, then your active skills.

Then I made a BIG mistake, I leveled to 32, this i do not recommend!!! Level to 27 instead!!

I had my GM lock my experience for the final farming session (which lasted me over a month and a half). Thank goodness I had enough gold to purchase at least 20 pssp's, 20 large critical pots, and like 300 effort scrolls and sp farmed on Orc Axemen and Level 29 Orc Sergeants. The best room in Prokion is the 2nd floor south-west room.

Just remember that when you kill a monster in the Prokion Temple at your own level you earn the maximum 5500 sp. You must also be in a solo party too.

Tip by K1NGz - NO DOUBT , sp farm at 17 , making my phoenix knight, with an event weapon +12 (no PRS) i run around and 1hit everything need to sp farm on. ghouls mummies if not 1hit , 1-3 hits. 1 Pssp =1k sp with boosters i went through 500 boosters n hour. SP FARM AT 17

ADDENDUM: by 5fingers

SP farming is when you have your experienced locked at one level. Locking your xp , means that you are donating 50% of your experience to the Guild. What now happens is that when you kill say a Level 29 Orc Sergeant, then you do not get only help the normal xp but get the 5500 sp. This is sp farming now. The game has changed when you can now sp farm in the Velpist Temple starting on the Level 10 mummies to the Prokion Temple starting on the level 17 ghouls. You will also find that you get more experience in the Temple mob then outside. Once you are through sp farming, you can continue to kill Level 29 Orc Sergeants till you are level 32. Once you level to level 33, then it is time to go outside to kill in the cruel world.

One thing you find also, that in the temples the xp and sp is more then outside. When you can go in there is dependent on your armor, weapons, and playing experience. Try the temples a few levels early to see if you can survive. Once you reach say level 14 you may want to try the prokion temple now. There is where when you fight a mob at the same level you get more then the 5500 sp points. The Velpist gives you more then the 3300 sp points now. But still more then outside mobs.

What level to sp farm is what you want. I have heard some say that sp farming at level 17 is the easiest. I went to level 29 without really checking on this. One reason for level 29 was so i could get the level 29 weapon. But this was a bad decision, as I learned that Level 29 Orc Sergeants are not that plentiful like I thought. I had overlooked this part. I redid a knight for sp farming to get sp to raise the guild now. I liked the level 25 as I was able to get a +15 knight event weapon which helps a lot.

Try to get a Platinum super skill pill (Pssp) or super skill pill (Ssp) and skill point booster. One thing overlooked is the training spell book, one gives you 15% and the other is 50%. Money wise I think the 15% is better because the max sp with Orc Sergeants was 77,000 sxp or 7.7 sp for you. Then using the 15% I think it was 63,000 sxp or 6.3 sp for you. Apparently there is a cap on sp. But the 15% training book is a lot cheaper also.

I ran around upstairs in a circle and used only the Spb on the Orc Sergeants and got about 1700 sp an hour. Cost wise is was for me cheaper to use on Orc Sergeants only , as i had the time to spare.


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