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Last Edited by 5fingers 22Oct11: It is cheaper to actually buy the pet now, then to go through the quests. Reason is the Horse parts will cost you more then actually buying the pet. And also, the parts are very rare to get. I have rarely seen the Horse Mane and Skin for sale. The one time I saw a Horse skin was for 250 million gold. Hmmm, the same price as the pet, around Sep 2010, sometime about that time frame.
NOTE: Mar 2012. Check out the Affinity Guide. THere you can search on how to get the horse mane and skin. I could tell you, but then again, you need to be familiar or what affinity can do for you. That is, if you want a scratchi or ichi pet now.
Scra-Chi Pet Quest

1) Acquire the Torn Book of Life Chapter 1 that can be dropped by killing monsters.

2) Take the Torn Book to Lorraine in Randol to begin the pet quest.

3) Lorraine will tell you to take the Torn Book of Life Chapter 1 to the Book of Life NPC in the Velpist Temple

4) Once you have handed the book to the Book of Life NPC, you will be given the first official task for the Scra-chi Quest.

5) The quest will ask you to talk to a NPC named the Avaricious Magician when reading the quest. Go back to Randol as that is where the NPC is located. Look for a NPC named Magician. Use your NPC Juno Scroll and click Magician once outside Velpist Temple.

6) Talk to the Magician where you will be given the quest of gathering 14 Dark Orbs and 17 Eyes of Myst.

These items can be obtained by killing the following monsters:

Dark orbs: Orc fighters (level 25), axmen (level 27), soldiers (level 23), Sergeant Orce (lvl 29) or buy/trade from another player . (Dark Goddess does not drop dark orbs no more.)

Eyes of myst: elite poison myst (level 39) or buy/trade from another player

7) After gathering the items, you will need to head to Merac and talk to the Broken Moonstone Golem near a cemetery. There you will hand the items you have gathered and another quest will be assigned.
Note: The cementary is just East of the Merchant Trader along the path there. Look at the map and you should see a purple A.

Cool The Broken Moonstone Golem will tell you to talk to the Great Magician Minearm nearby in Merac. Talk to the Magician where your quest is to give him 3 Perfect Moonstones

You get the perfect moonstones by trade or buying. Or combining good moonstones to try to get a perfect moonstone.

9) Once you have gathered the required Perfect Moonstones (they look purple), give them to the Great Magician Minearm where he will have a second quest for him. He will ask you to gather up 77 Black Diamonds before you can proceed further in the Pet Quest.

Note: Black Diamonds can be processed at the Master of Processing in Randol. Again, use NPC scroll to get to him.

10) Take the 77 Black Diamonds to the Spirit Magician Heras who can be found in Egeha. Once there, you will be given the quest of looking for a Horse Mane and Horse Skin.

Note: Horse Mane and Horse Skin are extremely rare to buy now. Again, it is cheaper to buy the pet then do the quests. Aug 2011.
Note 1: With the addition of the Affinity things have change. Mar 2013 there was a patch to show what was sold in affinity shops. Look at this section and you can find a shop selling Horse and Dragon Parts. Read on what you have to do to get to be able to
buy from these shops.

11) After gathering a Horse Mane and Skin, give them to the Spirit Magician Heras and he will give you the one more quest. He will ask you to collect 10 Master Coins.

12) Once you have completed Spirit Magician Hera’s quest, you will be given the final item. Head back to the Velfist Temple, where you will need to turn it in to the Book of Life NPC to finish the Scra-Chi Pet Quest. This is the last piece to the Pet Quest where you will finally get Scra-Chi after all that hard work.

NOTE: Basically, cheaper to buy the pet, then trying to acquire parts as you will find out if you try to do the quests. GOOD LUCK!!!
Magician gives quest for 14 Dark Orbs and 17 Eyes of Myst
Tak to Magician Minearm in Merac and give 3 Perfect Moonstones
See Spirit Magician Heras in Eghea and give 77 black Diamonds
See Spirit Magician Heras and give the Hore Mane and Horse skin
see spirit Magician Heras and give 10 Master Coins.
Then head back to Temple to turn in book to get pet.

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