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5 Dec 2013, Last Chaos now serviced by Gamigo. Links to the old LC by Aeria will not work now.

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Welcome to the Ultimate Guide for Last Chaos where you can find tips, tricks, and strategy.

Sign-up and share what you know with other LC players. The guide is constantly being revised and if you see something wrong, bring it up in the discussion forum or click on the Easy Edit window at the top left and make changes yourself. Use the forum to sell or buy stuff, ask questions on your class and how to level, and ask questions about any aspect of the game. All questions are usually answered within 24 hours.

Make sure you read the STRATEGY GUIDE to get you started and read the section "Beginner's Guide to Leveling." . And if you do not want to read then go the LC Basic and read the section on getting your character started . (Click on the BLUE highlighted words to go to the section pertaining to them).

You can now play for a couple of hours and have some fun. Then come back later and peruse this guide here for information. Make sure you browse through the directory on the left now.
Thanks and have fun playing.

Nightshadow 1Last Chaos GuideLast Chaos Guide

Getting Started with the Last Chaos Game

Just getting started? Get caught up with some Last Chaos History:
Last Chaos Guide Introduction to the World of Iris
Last Chaos Guide The Reign of Terror
Last Chaos Guide Last Chaos Basics
Last Chaos Guide Getting Started & FAQ
Last Chaos Character Guide

Can't decide between being a Healer or a Mage? A KnKnight with +15 duals pic 2ight or a Titan, Sorcerer, Ex-Rogue, Rogue?

Find information
on the seven classes, their skills, armor, and weapons. Help find the class that will kick so
me enemy a...! er... butt!

Last Chaos Technical Guide

Play to the best of your abilities! Know the game!

Last Chaos Guide Shortcuts Hot Keys
Last Chaos GuideGame Tab
Last Chaos Guide Character Inventory
Last Chaos Guide Character Screen
Last Chaos GuideQuick Slot Bar
Last Chaos GuideParty Tab

Last Chaos GuideGuild Tab

Last Chaos Technical Guide

mage lvl 95-97 set

character sign in 2

Last Chaos Mobs

Know thy enemy! Make the most of your Last Chaos experience:

Last Chaos GuideMonsters & Enemies

Last Chaos GuideMob Level List

Last Chaos GuideJuno Mobs

Last Chaos GuideDratan Mobs

Last Chaos GuideMerac Mobs

Last Chaos GuideEgeha Mobs

Last Chaos GuidePublic Dungeons

Last Chaos GuidePersonal Dungeons

Berserker, close up
Zombie, L 7, Personal Dungeon Level 1

Last Chaos Quest and Strategy Guide

Make your way through the game easily with these guides:

Having trouble finding your way around? Check out the Last Chaos Maps and learn where you can expect to find mobs, merchants, and more!
Healer in Samba Outfit

Last Chaos Weapons and Armor

Know how to protect and defend yourself!

Last Chaos GuideLast Chaos Weapons
Last Chaos GuideLast Chaos Armor
Last Chaos GuideKnightmare Armor (obsolete)
Last Chaos GuideDragon Weapons (obsolete)
Last Chaos Guide Strengths & Weaknesses
Last Chaos GuideUpgrading Weapons & Armor
Last Chaos Weapons and Armor

Last Chaos Skills

Learn how to obtain the skills your character needs to survive in Iris.

Last Chaos GuideSkill Acquisition
Last Chaos GuideSpecial Skills
Last Chaos GuideHealer Skills
Last Chaos GuideKnight Skills
Last Chaos GuideRogue Skills
Last Chaos GuideMage Skills
Last Chaos GuideSorcerer Skills
Titan Skills
Last Chaos GuideTitan skills

Last Chaos GuideNight Shadow

Last Chaos GuideEx-Rogue


Last Chaos Skills
Last Chaos Guide

Last Chaos Pets

Get a pet! They're cute, fun, and they help you travel and pick up drops.

Last Chaos GuidePets & Mounts
Last Chaos GuidePet Acquisition
Last Chaos GuidePet Skills
Last Chaos GuidePet Health
Last Chaos GuidePet Leveling
Last Chaos GuideMounts
Last Chaos GuideAnimal Trainer

Red Knightmare
Green Drake, Pet

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